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67% off “Emulation II” by UVI (VST/AU/AAX) LIMITED TIME DEAL! Sounds from the 80's !!

67% off “Emulation II” by UVI (VST/AU/AAX)

“Emulation II” is a Massive Library of Classic Synth and Drum Sounds from The 80s.
Featuring a set of unique vintage instruments that reproduce everything from warm digital sounds to the most analog-ish textures, if you’re after that classic 80’s sound – you’ve found it!

A Massive 5GB Library of Classic Synth and Drum Sounds from The 80’s

Emulation II was designed specifically to reproduce the warm digital sounds and analog textures characteristic of 80’s music.
A massive library of samples (nearly 5 GB!) was recorded from a professionally restored unit and utilized in this hybrid instrument – giving you the sonic character of real vintage hardware with the added control and sound shaping flexibility of analog modeled filters and advanced digital signal processing.
This is definitively the ultimate digital version of the long standing professional sampler of the mid-80’s, that has been used by Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Jean-Michel Jarre, Stevie Wonder, Genesis, Paul McCartney, Enya and in film soundtracks by Vangelis and John Carpenter!
This library works with the free UVI Workstation and does not require any additional software.

Approximate Conversion Rates: 55 USD || 42 GBP

That classic 80's sound!

A Massive 2.96GB Library of Classic Synth and Drum Sounds!

281 Presets Covering Drums, Bass, Choirs, Keyboards, Synths, Strings, Orchestral Hits and much more!

With “Emulation II” you can get started right away with any one of the hundreds of inspiring presets that cover literally everything you’ll ever need to recreate that classic 80’s sound, including:
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Bells
  • Choir-voices
  • Fretted Instruments
  • FXs
  • Keyboards
  • Mallets
  • Percussion
  • Synths
  • Strings
  • Orchestral hits
and much more!
All the sounds were recorded and carefully selected from the authentic restored instrument, with the very best analog and digital gear, as befits the UVI quality standard. This process allows us to preserve the original sounds’ lo-fi charm.
UVI adopted a hybrid approach to create these sounds, combining deep multi-sampling and powerful modeling tools (analog filters, LFO, envelopes etc.), inspired by the original machine and enhanced with today most modern audio processing and script technology.
A simple, yet complete, user interface reproduces the looks and feeling of the most famous and essential machine from the 80’s. With 250+ of the best sounds and primary editing tools, Emulation II enables you to create authentic spin-offs with infinite options of sounds and tones.

Recreate That Classic Beatbox  Sound With Drumulation!

As and added bonus, also included in this package is “Drumulation” –  A Beatbox and Step Sequencer with Over 250 Classic Sounds that will be instantly recognisable to anyone who grew up in the 80’s era!
This is, as you’d expect, a nod to the E-MU Drumulator and works as a great complement to the Emulation II, with the added bonus that you can manipulate the sounds in ways they could never have imagined back in the 80’s!
Once loaded, you’re presented with another very effective User Interface that gives you two 16 step sequencers. These are both self-contained units with their own dedicated controls:
  • Mute
  • Pan
  • Volume
  • Tune
  • High/Low Pass filters
  • A choice of two levels of accent.
Each of these sequencers has a voice allocated to it and underneath them, there are 4 buttons that allow you to have four unique pairs of sequencers, giving you 8 individual sequences to play with!
Once again, behind an apparently simple interface, a nice level of power and complexity is revealed. Each of the eight voice slots is also mapped to your keyboard along with a non-latching start/stop loop trigger at C3.
You have 21 preset kits to play with, or you can create your own from over 500 drum samples provided. This is a very neat addition, and incredibly welcome as it is free!

Grab it while you can!

So What Exactly Can I Use “Emulation II” For?

With 2.96GB of classic sounds under the hood, “Emulation II” is the ultimate tool for recreating that vintage 80’s sound beloved by so many.
If you’re looking to invoke the instantly recognisable sounds of: Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Stevie Wonder or the classic film soundtracks of Vangelis or John Carpenter then look no further!
From the Pop culture resurgence to the most modern Electro-Pop, make music without any frontier!
This library works with the free UVI Workstation and does not require any additional software.

"Emulation II" by UVI (VST/AU/AAX)

67% off "Emulation II" by UVI (VST/AU/AAX)

Normally €149.00 – get it at 67% before its gone!

  • Absolute no-brainer at 67% off the normal price (normally €149.00)!
  • 2.96 GB (FLAC lossless encoding, was 5.06 GB in WAV)
  • 2 instruments, 281 presets, 7,641 samples
  • Instrument Presets cover drums, bass, bells, choir-voices, fretted instruments, FXs, keyboards, mallets, percussion, synths, strings, orchestral hits and more!
  • Includes Drumulation – A Classic 80’s Beatbox and Step Sequencer with Over 250 Classic Sounds!
  • This library works with the free UVI Workstation and does not require any additional software.
  • Licensing model allowing for 3 concurrent authorizations on any combination of computers and iLok keys
  • Mac OS X 10.7 and higher (32 and 64-bit), Mac Intel processor, 4 GB of RAM
  • Windows 7 and higher (32 and 64-bit), Core Duo or faster processor, 4 GB of RAM
  • Hard drive : 7 200 rpm recommended or Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Certified DAWs (VST/AU/AAX): Digital Performer 8+, Pro Tools 11+, Logic 9+, Cubase 7+, Nuendo 6+, Ableton Live 8+, Studio One 2+, Garage Band 6, Maschine 1 & 2, Tracktion 4+, Vienna Ensemble 5, Reaper 4+, Sonar X3, Main Stage 3, MuLab 5.5+
  • As used by Depeche Mode, Peter Gabriel, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Jean-Michel Jarre, Stevie Wonder, Genesis, Paul McCartney, Enya and in film soundtracks by Vangelis and John Carpenter!
  • Perfect for all types of mid 80s inspired music including Pop, New Wave, New Romantic, Synth pop,
    Techno, Film Soundtracks and much more!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Acoustic Samples Guitar Bundle Review & SALE- 76% OFF- LIMITED TIME! – Sample Sound Review

AcousticSamples offers an outstanding 3-in-1 Guitar Bundle deal ($409 total value) for only $99. AcousticSamples designs beautiful and realistic sample libraries of acoustic instruments for UVI Workstation. This deal expires on May 31st. Don’t miss out!
Acoustic Samples_LTO_Instragram
20GB total size uncompressed, 4GB with lossless compression
Strumming engine (features chord recognition and a smart strumming technique to produce guitar-like chords) and complete control of all its parameters.
Over 130 realistic patterns for easy strumming, picking, and advanced playing styles.
Integrated song builder to create songs within minutes and very easily
Multi velocity Hammer on, pull off, slides up, slides down, mutes, ghost notes, prenotes.
Advanced bend control.
Advanced UVI scripting giving you access to a simple yet powerful interface and advanced features.

I gave this Library Bundle a 5 out of  5 and you can watch my video on that below.


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75% off “Complete Drums Bundle” by Wave Alchemy

A labour of love spanning 7 years, “Complete Drums Bundle” delivers an incomparable, colossal collection of boundary-breaking, production ready drum and percussion samples.
This is a truly essential toolkit for ALL producers of electronic music, get creative with the most extensive electronic drum library ever produced…

The Ultimate Drum Collection for Electronic Music Production

Complete Drums includes 24,822 pristinely produced 24-bit electronic drum samples… Wave Alchemy also created tons of new drum kits from scratch, making use of all available sounds in the collection, totalling 400 kits!
Complete Drums bundles together and includes ALL of the following Wave Alchemy Products:
This is a huge 3.2GB collection of the best drum samples created and includes 401 pre-mapped drum kits including sampler patches for Battery, Kontakt, Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS24 and SFZ, 3 Ableton Live 9 packs and 2 Native Instruments’ Maschine packs!

ENDS TONIGHT!! AudioThing Massive Bundle Deal: 39 Products for $99!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Get 75% off “The Hybrid Scoring Bundle” by The Last Haven -Limited Time !!

75% off “The Hybrid Scoring Bundle” by The Last Haven

“The Hybrid Scoring Bundle” is the complete solution to Cinematic Underscore and Trailer Music Sound Design you have been waiting for!
A unique package that brings you Downers, Risers, Boomers, Pulses, Droppers, Strikers, Growls and a fully realised Synth Sinemacci Orchestra made entirely with analog and digital synths to augment your existing compositions! Every library in this package is pure inspiration, the only limit is your imagination!

7GB+ of Hybrid Sound Design, Instruments, Synths & The Synth Orchestra!

“The Hybrid Scoring Bundle” gives you everything you need to achieve that cutting edge sound in your latest Cinematic Underscore or Trailer Music project and consists of 6 sample libraries from The Last Haven.
This bundle provides you with absolutely everything required to create hybrid cinematic music including (*deep breath*):
  • Sound Design: Risers, Downers, Droppers, BoomersStrikersImpacts, Hits, WhooshesGrowls & more…
  • Textural: Pulses (low, mid, high and non-tonal), Pads, Rhythmic Textures & more…
  • Experimental Hybrid FX: Tonal Markers, Bass Bursts, Textural Evolvers & more…
  • Playable Instruments: Synthetic Pianos, Cinematic Leads, Synth Basses and Keys, Noise Drumkits and the Synth Sinemacci Orchestra made entirely with analog and digital synths and more…
From soft and deep pads to screaming, distorted, in-your-face monstrous sounds, this bundle has you covered from every single angle!
The products included in this bundle are:

Thursday, May 4, 2017

AudioThing Massive Bundle Deal: ($604 Value) 39 Products for $99!

audio plugins deal

AudioThing Massive Bundle Deal: 
39 Products for $99!

AudioThing offers a massive bundle of 30 Kontakt Instruments, 4 VST Instruments and 5 Audio Effects ($604 total value) for only $99. AudioThing develops professional yet affordable audio plugins (VST, AU, AAX) for every kind of composer, producer and sound designer. This deal expires on May 17th. Don’t miss out!

  • 30 Products for Kontakt (3.5, 4.2.4 and 5.5.1).
  • Formats: VST, AU, and AAX (32/64bit)
  • Total size approx. 6.0 GB
  • Platforms: OSX, Windows
  • Preset system with randomizer
  • Kontakt Bundle requires full retail version of Kontakt

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

50% off “Desert Winds” Sample Library by Eduardo Tarilonte - Limited Time!

50% off “Desert Winds” by Eduardo Tarilonte

Welcome to DESERT WINDS, a stunning library featuring 4 ethnic wind instruments and 21 exotic and oriental soundscapes.
Its a perfect tool for composers and sound designers to create ambience and music for films, documentaries, video games and new age music (VST/AU/AAX format)

Best Service VST

Deeply Sampled Ethnic Wind Instruments From The Sands of Time!

“Desert Winds” is a 2.5 GB ethnic winds sample library running in the Best Service “Engine” player (VST/AU/AAX format).
In Desert Winds you will find four deeply sampled ethnic wind instruments with up to 6 different real legato types per instrument and amazing playability that will provide you with endless inspiration every time you sit down to play:
  • Armenian Duduk
  • Persian Ney
  • Turkish Ney
  • Zourna
For each of the wind instruments you will find a microtuning folder with 16 patches featuring the most important Arabic/Turkish microtuning tables.
Thanks to Best Service ENGINE 2 sample player (VST/AU/AAX), you will also enjoy a beautiful, intuitive and easy-to-use interface that never gets in the way of the important business of simply making beautiful music. No other sample player is required.


21 Beautiful And Inspiring Bonus Soundscapes 


“Desert Winds” also comes with 21 additional awe-inspiring bonus soundscapes 
designed to create cinematic and evolving desert ambiances.
 Every soundscape offers 2 to 6 different individual layers which can create indefinite new
 ambiances by mixing them at will:
  • Akashic Records
  • Alexandria
  • Cavern of Winds
  • Desert Echoes
  • Desert Ghosts
  • Desert Loneliness
  • Desert Sky
  • Desert Voice
  • Desert Wind
  • Djhin, Desert Spirtis
  • Doomed Sands
  • Dune Wind
  • Forbidden Sands
  • Lava Caverns
  • Lost City of Akkad
  • Mirage
  • Mumakil Drums
  • Sand Temple
  • Taklamakan Desert
  • Talking to the Wind
  • The Anunnaki

 Upgrade to “Ancient ERA Persia” for €159!

If you buy “Desert Winds”, you can upgrade to the latest library from Eduardo Tarilonte called “Ancient ERA Persia“ for €159 instead of the normal price of €259!
Ancient ERA Persia has 28 percussionwind and stringed-instruments with several dynamic layers, multiple articulations, round-robins as well as real legato and glissando-samples in a 17GB library.
Once you’ve purchased Desert Winds, click the link on the Desert Winds Page

Normally €145.99 – get it at 50% before its gone!

  • Absolute no-brainer at 50% off the normal price (normally €145.99)!
  • A 2.5GB library with 4 unqiue instruments using 6 different real legato types and 2000 individual samples (44 kHz-24-Bit)
  • Additionally the library offers 21 beautiful and inspiring bonus soundscapes!
  • Enjoy A Beautiful, Intuitive And Easy-To-Use Interface!
  • Uses the Best Service ENGINE 2 (VST/AU/AAX), no other sampler is required!
  • Mac OS 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11 – Intel Mac 2GHz, 2GB Ram – Standalone, AU, VST (64bit only)
  • Windows 7, 8 and 10, 32bit & 64bit – Intel Core 2.0GHz, 2GB Ram – Standalone, VST (32bit and 64bit)
  • An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product (Challenge/Response)
  • Perfect for Underscore, Ethnic, Ambient music and much much more!



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