Thursday, May 31, 2018

Realm of Omnisphere for Omnisphere 2 -REVIEW (CL-Projects)

This soundbank contains epic, cinematic & ambient sounds which can be used for ambient, new age, Berlin school and other types of music and for epic, cinematic soundtracks and film scoring.Science Fiction and even thriller movies come in mind when using this soundbank. But as you can hear in the demos, Realm of Omnisphere can also be used for more modern music. ​
Here are the descriptions of each category according to the CL-Projects Website:

​the Realm of Omnisphere soundbank for Omnisphere 2. A soundbank containing epic, cinematic  & ambient sounds which can be used for ambient, new age, Berlin school and other types of music and for epic, cinematic soundtracks and film scoring.Science Fiction and even thriller movies come in mind when using this soundbank. But as you can hear in the demos, Realm of Omnisphere can also be used for more modern music.

​sounds are very environmental, great for film scoring and ambient oriented music. Also ideal for sci-fi, thriller, and even horror movies if you're into that. The Omnisphere Orb gives some of these patches an even more ominous and scary character.

​sounds are a great bonus. These can be used to add rhythmic elements to your tracks. Some are Jean Michel Jarre oriented, based on the Oxygene and Equinoxe albums. I noticed that there are always Jean Michel Jarre type sounds sneaking into my sound libraries. Maybe my preferred genre of music which is Berlin School has something to do with that.

​are very lush and thanks to the Orb, which is turned on in some of the patches, gives them a lot of evolving motions, which is great for soundtracks, new age and ambient types of music. We can describe these sounds as epic,ominous, mysterious, magical and weird  in some cases. These pads will give you instant inspiration.

​sound section contains sounds that all have to do with strings obviously such as acoustic strings, lush synth strings, vintage strings and even guitar sounds, since we all know also have strings. Guitar sounds layered with voice and string sounds sound great and will give you instant inspiration. The vintage type of strings will throw you back into the 1970's and 80's. The analog synth type strings will enhance any sound. These are great to be used on their own or for layering with other sounds which is demonstrated in some of the multis.

​sounds are more synth-oriented, hence the name. Some of the sounds could be categorized as pad sounds but since they contain less evolving moods, they belong in the synths section. Also epic polysynth sounds, with or without resonance, aggressive synth sounds which cut through the mix like a knife through butter, are also present. Weird pitch modulated sounds are also present thanks to the granular synthesis system.

When I began playing CL-Projects 'Realm of Omnisphere' I was immediately drawn into a realm of my own world and imagination. The power of this soundset kept me in wonder and engrossed in a very hypnotic-like state of musicality. All I wanted to do was sit there, write a new track, and really listen to every nuance of each patch. It took awhile to get through and audition each patch but not once did I get tired or bored. Frank Dierickx, the man behind CL-Projects, doesn't know how to skimp on quantity or quality. He has delivered a product worth every price in triplicate.

The value in this library soundset for Omnisphere 2 is one of the best-hidden discoveries I've found this year. Every Omnisphere geek, like myself, will be doing themselves a mistake if they pass up on 'Realm of Omnisphere'.  If you don't believe how powerful this set is just put on a pair of headphones and watch the video below to listen to every patch. With so many well-known sound designers out there, I am constantly shocked when I find one that simply slipped by me and Frank Dierickx of Cl-Projects honestly slipped by me, until this year.

Whether your scoring for a film, tv show, trailer, documentary, it doesn't matter. Whether your writing ambient, new age, chill-out or any other electronic music genre, you will find 'Realm of Omnisphere' has something you want and everything you can use.

Remember to go into stack mode yourself to create your own multis because it is literally limitless with Omnisphere. If you want to purchase this library it is sold on Sampleism and Synthmob.

Final Words:
 if you jump into this realm it will most definitely take you a while to pull yourself away from your Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2. Be prepared to spend some time captivated by this soundset library and trying to pull yourself away from your computer and DAW might be easier said than done.

An easy 5 out of 5 Stars!


Buy from Sampleism or Synthmob

 Full Patch Walkthrough Video Below

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Voyager Drums by Best Service 69% Off Limited Time !!


Voyager Drums by Best Service

For just $29.99, get Voyager Drums by Best Service. Normally valued at $99, you can now get it an amazing 69% off for a limited time only! Weighing in at 4.5GB, Voyager Drums is a standalone VST that delivers punchy and powerful sounds perfect for Pop, Rock, Jazz and Funk productions. Also included is the Best Service Engine 2 which provides a beautiful easy to use interface and allows easy access to all real-time performance parameters. 

As an extra, you also get the Engine Artists Library which contains 16 full working demo libraries for the Best Service 2 Engine. Truly an amazing deal at this price point!

  • Contains Yamaha™ Maple Custom Kit, Yamaha™ Recording Custom Kit and Paiste™ Line Series Cymbals
  • 3 microphone positions
  • 24bit / 96KHz samples
  • 5 round robins, 18 velocity layers
  • Custom trigger sounds for Bass Drum, Snare Drum and Toms
  • Fantastic groove arranger with 360 individual midi grooves

Omnisphere Cyberia by The Unfinished for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 - Out Now!

Omnisphere Cyberia is a collection of 300 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.
It is designed to blend the electronic and organic worlds, in order to provide dynamic and dramatic, atmospheric sounds; full of grit, punch and wonder. 
The library is primarily aimed at the dense, action-packed and immersive soundtracks of modern FPS games such as Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, Battlefield and Halo; but it also brings in hints of powerful, modulating dancefloor synths, the delicately brutal score sound of Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, and even some folk horror.
Cyberia is dripping with rippling basslines, bowed drones, atonal pulses, thrashy guitars, dark synths, glitchy textures, hi-octane loops, epic impacts, dusty organic pads, brooding atmospheres and spine-chilling effects.
This collection creates an enveloping world of sound: tense, aggressive, lustrous, raw and complex. It takes thrilling, cutting edge, cinematic sounds and adds an extra layer of intimacy, ambience and unease, placing you at the centre of a sonic palette designed to tell a gripping and eclectic story.
Omnisphere Cyberia is available for £39.99 +VAT. You will need Omnisphere 2 to run this library.



Friday, May 25, 2018

Alchemist 2 Cinematic Textures by String Audio - OUT NOW !!

ALCHEMIST 2 is one of the most acclaimed and innovative sample libraries in its genre.
If you own ALCHEMIST CINEMATIC TEXTURES Vers 1 you can buy the UPGRADE.
With its brand new engine ALCHEMIST 2 becomes even more powerful.


All the samples of the original "Alchemist Cinematic Textures" + more than 13GB of brand new sample material + more than 270 brand new snapshots powered by ALCHEMIST 2 brand new engine.

All the sample and snapshots of the original "Alchemist Cinematic Textures" library powered by 

ALCHEMIST 2 brand new engine.
"A bottomless well of possibility and invention that will vie for my creative attention for many scores to come." - HARRY GREGSON - WILLIAMS multi-award-winning composer (The Martian, Shrek, Total Recall, Call Of Duty)

"Once in a while you get immersed in a world of Soundscapes that transport your creativity to a whole new level, Alchemist is it." - GARETH PROSSER - Composer, Guitarist and Member of the BLUE MAN GROUP

"Don't skip Alchemist by String Audio, great stuff. Simple, minimalist interface, powerful ways to shape the sound and TONS of excellent sample content." - CHARLIE CLOUSER - Composer of the SAW films and former keyboardist on NINE INCH NAILS
ALCHEMIST 2 Cinematic Textures is a powerful tool for Kontakt to create deep and complex cinematic sounds.
Each instrument is composed of six layers.
The library features more than 20GB of sample material
  • 20+GB of original sample material (using Kontakt's lossless sample storage compression).
  • 6000+ high-quality samples.
  • 6 layers.
  • 570+ pre-programmed Snapshots. 
  • Main Engine: Individual layer controls for pitch, volume, pan, solo, mute, effects bypass, layer lock, adsr, layer boost and cut, pan and amp LFO send.
  • Powerful randomize function.
  • Dedicated Motion Engine: Arpeggiator, Pan and Amp LFO.
  • Dedicated Color Engine: 200 convolution Impulse Responses, Randomize function.
  • Dedicated Effect Engine: skreamer, lo-fi, chorus, tape saturation, delay, and distortion (controlled by the modulation wheel.
  • Instant download.
  • All payments are processed securely by PayPal, all major credit and debit cards accepted, no PayPal account needed.
  • The price indicated in the shopping cart is final, no taxes or fees are added.
    Minimum System Requirements

    Requires FULL retail version (sold separately) of Kontakt 5.5.1 and above.

    This library is NOT supported by the FREE Kontakt Player.Please refer to Native Instruments website for the latest system compatibilities. 


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

HYPERNOVA - Polyphonic Kontakt Synthesizer by CL-Projects - REVIEW

HYPERNOVA is a polyphonic Kontakt synthesizer from CL-Projects. According to CL-Projects this synth is based on well known polyphonic synthesizer from the late 90's that was capable of emulating Minimoog, Jupiter 8, Juno 106 and ARP 2600 sounds. It can emulate retro synth sounds by using sampling technology and to be honest it blew my mind. Hypernova is a 3 oscillator synthesizer that uses 50 different sound sets per oscillator and the sounds were sampled without the filter, LFO and effects settings.
Lets look at the Details from the Cl-Projects Site

exists out of a 64 step arpeggiator with a random arp generator. Beneath the arpeggiator there's a small mod section where you can change the bend range, the pitch LFO and level LFO sensitivity for the modwheel and pressure for the three oscillators.

  All the parameters on the controls page are available for the 3 oscillators separately. Four different waveforms can be selected for each oscillator: square, saw, noise and special. The special waveform is a choice between 50 different waveforms, selectable via a menu. Each oscillator has  level, pan, tuning and modulation parameters. The global section contains the parameters that affects all three oscillators at once. On the the top left are the poly, solo, legato and offset settings with the possibility to change the note order in which the notes are played when set to solo, legato or offset: last, next, low and high. On the top right you can find the Portamento and Unisono parameters. The filter section contains 5 different filters of which 4 are ladder filters known for their Moog like character and the fifth filter is the well known Pro53 filter. Each filter has its own frequency and resonance setting, also accompanied with their modulation settings for velocity, modwheel, pressure and key track. The envelopes section contains three different envelopes for amp, filter and pitch each with their own presets. Last but not least there is a very extensive LFO section. Each oscillator has an LFO for pitch, filter, level and pan with a choice between four different waveforms: square, saw, tri (triangle) and s/h (sample and hold).

contains 7 different effects. A convolution reverb with a choice between 7 different spaces:chamber, room, hall, church, plate, spring and gate. Other effects are delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion and a 3-band equalizer, each with their own effect presets.

  • Kontakt 5.3 (Full version, not Kontakt Player)
  • 970 Mb in size unpacked
  • 24bit 44.100 Khz ncw samples
  • 360 patches: 236 instruments and 124 multis
  • 36 samples per instrument, 3 OSC, 12 per OSC
  • 5 different filters: 4 ladder filters and Pro53 filter
  • Velocity and Aftertouch responsive
  • 7 Effects: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Distortion, EQ
  • Time and Speed parameters sync to Host tempo
  • Controls page
  • Effects page
  • ARP & Mods page

8 Ambient & FX
16 Arpeggios
40 Bass
16 Brass
4 Drums
20 Keys
20 Leads
40 Pads
24 Strings
​40 Synths
8 Winds


4 Ambient & FX
12 Arpeggios
20 Bass
8 Brass
12 Keys
12 Leads
20 Pads
12 Strings
​20 Synths
4 Winds


Watch the Video below to Hear all the Presets in this 3 Hour  Demonstration of the Sounds


 Hypernova by CL-Projects knocked this synth out of this world! Frank Dierickx, the sound designer behind CL-Projects has really created something ultra special. In fact, I have been a huge fan of Tangerine Dream since the early days and before I even read Frank's influences were Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and others I could hear it in his sound design.   Musicians and Composers looking for that beautiful analog sound that is really popular right now, need to check this out. Cl-Projects sell their products via Kontakt Hub, Sampleism and Synthmob but visit his site to learn more. As far as the price goes I would have expected it to be at least double the price however, this synth is only £30.00 or $49.99 U.S. - a total bargain! One other thing I really like, is that the layout of this synth is simple and easy to get around. It's not CPU heavy and loading times are fast so you will get a lot done in a quicker amount of time.
This is one of the best sampled polyphonic synthesizers I've ever played. The amount of presets are just epic and the emulation of vintage synth sounds is pure magic. 

5 out of 5 Stars!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Kontakt Piano Bundle by Production Voices 75% OFF ($296 savings)

Kontakt Piano Bundle by Production Voices

For just $99.99, Production Voices proudly offers The Kontakt Piano Bundle featuring 4 epic piano libraries at an amazing 75% off ($296 savings)! 

This massive bundle contains some of the best piano samples and Kontakt piano libraries that Production Voices has to offer. The bundle includes a 4 mic sample Yamaha C3, an 8 mic sampled Yamaha C7, Production Voices’ highly sought after Death Piano containing upright and grand piano morphed offerings and a 3 mic sampled Kawai GS 60 praised for its natural tone and unique character. In total, there are over 50,000 samples and over 90 GB of content before lossless compression.  

All libraries require the full retail version of Kontakt. You do not want to miss this amazing deal, hurry and save!

  • 90 GB of piano samples from:
    • Yamaha C7 Production Grand 2 LE
    • Kawai GS60 Estate Grand
    • Yamaha C3 Studio Grand Piano LE
    • Tortured and reverse pianos from Death Piano
  • Requires 33 GB available hard drive space for lossless compressed samples (solid state drive recommended for best performance)
  • Over 128 presets and growing – Presets are easily updatable (Death Piano)
  • Recorded with world-Class microphones: Coles, AKG, Classic U87s, B&K, Crown etc. (Product Grand 2 LE)
  • Recorded at 24 bit 44.1 kHz with incredible detail and fidelity through Apogee Symphony I/O, Neumann and Rode microphones. (Estate Grand)
  • Kontakt 5.6.8 or greater (not for Kontakt Player)
  • Computer that meets the minimum requirements for Kontakt 5.6.8 or greater
  • 8 GB RAM or greater
  • </


Thursday, May 17, 2018

“Hollywood Orchestra Gold” by EastWest Sounds 60% Off Sale- Limited Time !

  60% off “Hollywood Orchestra Gold” by EastWest Sounds (VST/AU/AAX/RTAS)

HOLLYWOOD ORCHESTRA GOLD is the combination of Hollywood Strings, Hollywood Brass, Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds, and Hollywood Orchestral Percussion; collectively the most detailed and comprehensive orchestral virtual instrument collection available.
Produced by DOUG ROGERS, NICK PHOENIX, and THOMAS BERGERSEN and Sound Engineered by SHAWN MURPHY (ACADEMY AWARD, C.A.S. (Cinema Audio Society), BAFTA, and EMMY award-winning sound engineer) this is the culmination of over seven years of recording, editing, and programming, and is a must have compositional tool for serious composers!

The Ultimate, Award Winning, Virtual Orchestra Bundle

“Beautifully recorded by the award-winning Shawn Murphy, the timbre of some instruments takes the breath away, and collectively they will add sheen, depth and orchestral authenticity to your arrangements” – SOUND ON SOUND
Hollywood Orchestra Goldis a bundle of the Gold versions of the following products:
With 99GB of content, this is truly the holy grail of orchestral virtual instruments. Each library in this collection was released as each section of the orchestra was completed, and they have already received multiple major awards from the international press, including Electronic Musician’s “Editor’s Choice Award” and Future Music’s “Platinum Award”.
Perfect for Film. TV & Video Game Underscore, Hybrid Orchestral and Epic Trailer music, this is a must have compositional tool for serious composers! The libraries all run in the Play 5 engine which comes free and works in VST, AU, AAX & RTAS format.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

'Empty Fields '– F.2 - Omnisphere 2 Soundset by Triple Spiral Audio - REVIEW


Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere 2 is an ongoing project with 10 releases in a one-year timespan (every 4/5 weeks a new release). Each release will contain 50 – 70 new patches, 10 – 20 multis and it will use a hybrid setup with using both new recorded material and using soundsources from the Omnisphere 2 core library.

You pay a one-time price of €75,00 and you will receive automatically each new release. If you are joining in later, you will get all the previous released packs. 

There is also an unbelievable 90 day money back option which  
you will not have to worry about because this library is so damn good, I mean it! 

I was totally engrossed into a world of peaceful ambiance with nature scenes all around me. As I played this library I could see myself on my own little adventure away from all the madness of technology. I believe I could score an entire documentary or a film underscore with just this pack alone. The new soundsources were top notch breathing a serene outdoor life into Empty Fields.  The patches are divided into Ambiences, ARP's, Basses, Keys, Leads, Pads, and Soundscapes. What also impressed me was the fact that I experienced different atmospheres and environments in this series. I felt like I was traveling in the cold dead of winter and then reborn with the birth of spring. Tons of emotions have been crafted in the sound design of Empty Fields and Triple Spiral Audio has once again created a masterpiece. I don’t mean to gush over the power of this series, but I can’t help myself. Anyone with Omnisphere 2 would be falling way short by not picking this up. 

Final Thoughts:

The Empty Fields series for Omnisphere 2 embodies ambient perfection in every way. Triple Spiral Audio has risen in the ranks of one of my favorite sound designers. A one-time price of €75,00 will give you 10 releases in one year, has to be the the best values I’ve seen in years. This is a Mandatory Buy! 

5 out of 5 stars

 -Sample Sound Review


Watch the Patch Walkthrough Video Below:

Monday, May 14, 2018

Journeys - Omnisphere 2 Soundset by Triple Spiral Audio - Review

I first ran across Triple Spiral Audio from a blog site in 2017. Needless to say I forgot to bookmark it and forgot the name of the company later that day. In 2018 I finally saw 'Triple Spiral Audio' resurface via a twitter post. Finally, I could revisit a company I wanted to check out in 2017. I was interested in hearing their Omnisphere 2 soundset libraries. 

Journeys for Omnisphere 2 arrived in 2018 with 128 patches created from the original Omnisphere 2 sound sources and divided into 2 categories. It contains 'Textures Playable' and 'Textures Soundscapes'. My 1st reaction when I hit the keyboard was explosive. I immediately was projected into a Journey of beauty and darkness colliding. I heard everything from early Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, and synth soundtrack modern greats like 'It Follows'. This is exactly what I have been waiting for. 

You will hear everything from creepy vintage soundscapes of the 70's and 80's to ambiances that evolve and capture everything the imagination can gather.   Triple Spiral Audio made me a fan for life. If you are looking for sounds that are ominous, dark, retro, ambient, and something that sounds from another world, pick this up now.


Sounds, Patches, Value and Originality


None for me- some people might complain that there are no multis but to be honest, this library does not need any multis.

Final Review:

One of the most unique Omnisphere 2 soundsets I've played in a long time. Journeys will surely take you on an unforgettable musical experience. 5 out of 5 Stars

Watch Video Below To Hear Complete Patch Walk-through

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Tom Wolfe's HALCYON - Omnisphere 2- Review & Walkthrough Video

Tom Wolfe's Halcyon is an exceptional addition to anyone's Omnisphere 2 library. This Soundset was a very engaging experience into some very uniquely crafted sound design patches. This collection contains 100 patches suited for the more ambient underscore side of film music.

 My favorite part of this collection was the 'Pads+Strings' and 'Textures Playable' sections. These 2 categories of patches are worth the price of admission on their own. Musicians and Composers looking to expand their Omnisphere 2 library should really give this a buy. The price and value are great and you get some really nice nostalgic synth sounds which is really hot right now.
There is plenty more to like but the sounds in these categories really shined through for me. There are no multis and no new soundsources but that shouldn't sway you from buying this. 

Tom Wolfe is an award-winning film composer and a rising star of the British film industry so you can be confident in knowing this collection is worth every penny.
Can't wait for Tom Wolfe's next Omnisphere 2 Soundset. 

4 out of 5 Stars
 Check out the Patch Walkthrough video Below





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