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Thursday, November 8, 2018

70% off “Apocalypse Bundle” by unEarthed Sampling for Kontakt

Apocalypse Bundle” is a uniquely inventive collection of 6 sample libraries from unEarthed Sampling covering a wide range of “found sounds” that have been creatively processed so that they are completely unrecognisable!

A unique combination of Shattering Impacts, Evolving Pads, Horrifying Scrapes and Eerie Sound FX make this collection perfect for Cinematic Underscore, Horror, Sci-fi & Action Cues!

6 Shattering, Eerie & Horrifying Libraries For Kontakt!

“Apocalypse Bundle” is a collection of 6 unique “found sound” libraries and includes the following instruments:


Normally €50 – get it at 70% off before it’s gone!

  • 70% off the normal price (normally €50)!
  • A unique collection of 6 “found sound” libraries cleverly processed to deliver a whole new world of never before heard sounds!
  • Derelict Kit – Cinematically Struck Mining Equipment!
  • 3 main patches each with a different convolution reverb style. HALL, ROOM, and LONG.
  • 4 designed FX patches
  • 7 Kontakt Instruments
  • The Oddity Bundle – Ethereal Electric Pads / Leads and Horrific Metal Scrapes!
  • 12 Kontakt instruments from two very different instrument sets..HUM and SCRAPE ORCHESTRA
  • HUM features recordings of electronic items (such as generators)
  • SCRAPE ORCHESTRA features recordings taken from various tools scraping a metal shed door.
  • Derelict Kit 2 – Epic Metal Cinematic Impacts!
  • 28 huge cinematic metal impacts taken from derelict ranch equipment in south texas, antique safes, and other large metal objects.
  • Modwheel controls the low pass filter
  • Sawmonium – Cinematic Bowed & Struck Handsaws!
  • 10 uniquely terrifying Kontakt instruments made from a basic woodsaw, a small mitre back saw, a basic hacksaw….
  • Tons of Bowed FX – Bowed Tonal Staccs, A Tuned / Looped Bowed Sustain patch, Growls
  • Struck with a concert Mallet, Rottan, and traditional Drum Sticks  – Anvil type hits. Various hits all over each saw, 4xRR for each hit in the HITS patch
  • Bowed Fences – Cinematically Bowed Barbed Wire Fences!
  • Cinematically bowed barbed wire fences… recorded in Texas… in the middle of nowhere
  • DRONE PATCH with 19 original drones
  • WHINES PATCH with 16 original whine like bowings
  • HITS PATCH with 6 unique hits each with 4 X RR
  • 1 tuned “string” patch which is very playable and melodic
  • 5 designed Percussive / Impact patches, these are wonderful for accent or trailer hits and sound HUGE
  • 14 designed looping PAD PATCHES with a Lo Pass filter mapped right to the mod wheel
  • Note: Libraries require the FULL retail version of Kontakt or above (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)
  • Perfect for Cinematic Underscore, Horror, Sci-fi, Action Cues and much more! 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

APD MEGA 6 Developers DEAL ! - Limited Time!

Ample Bass Yinyang II aims to bring the Fodera Yinyang Bass sound to your studio.

  62% OFF

Oscilloscope Music Bundle Includes PrettyScope, analog style oscilloscope and all of Jerobeam's growling and dancing shape synthesis algorithms. Go crazy with chaotic feedback modulation and create sounds that are reminiscent of subtractive, FM, PM, and analog synthesizers. 

66% Off
Learn More: HERE  


Bliss is next generation sampler.
It also samples VST instruments. 
Bliss is a a next generation. 
It also samples VST instruments.
Imports and exports plenty of formats, slicing,
unlimited zones and programs,
themes, scalable interface and much more.

60% Off 

Up to 50 virtual voices - MUnison takes your audio, analyzes it, detects its pitch if needed and generates other voices. These can play at the same pitch as the original and just fluctuate around it to give the realistic unison effect. Or they can play harmonies, following the scale you choose, useful even for live performances. Or they can sound very different, creating a whole orchestra of people singing/playing with whatever you want.

75% OFF


Title FX Volume 1 Production Elements 74 Production Elements for Download Title FX Volume 1 Production Elements from The Hollywood Edge - a never before heard solution of musical oriented transitional fx and stingers. Title FX specializes in 'plug-in play' effects that can quickly aide in any editorial crunch. This set is your first offensive strike in bringing your next big opening title or transition sequence to a raucous standing ovation.

77% OFF


EDV3RB is designed to be a complete toolbox to create a realistic sounding room atmosphere. An extremely low-noise WAV recording of each room in different perspectives gives you the basis and the real sound of the location. With exactly the same room as Impulse Response, you can add all kinds of different sounds to the ambience to create a perfect natural sound environment. No matter whether you need the sound of old factory buildings in the cinema or in music.

83% OFF


Tuesday, September 11, 2018

77% off ‘Floppytron Synth’ by Sampleso - Limited Time!

Sampleso are proud to present their unique take on the classic musical floppy drive, FLOPPYTRON.

Inspired by YouTube videos featuring floppy drives playing classic tunes from movies and video games, this basic yet complicated concept creates an instrument unlike anything else!

A Unique Take On The Famous Musical Floppy Drive!

This instrument is a true testament to Sampleso’s dedication to give their users the most unique and special instruments, so you can stand out and get a unique sound for your productions.
The Floppytron was inspired by YouTube videos featuring floppy drives playing classic tunes from movies and video games.
This basic yet complicated concept lead Sampleso to create an instrument unlike anything else ever seen before, including some features that are guaranteed to upgrade your productions, and spark your creativity.


A Brief History Of The Musical Floppy Drive

While the true origin of floppy drive music is uncertain, we do know that one of the first videos on YouTube of a “singing” floppy drive was posted on September 16th, 2007. The video features a Commodore 64 floppy playing “Daisy Bell” from a pre-programmed midi sequence.
In June 2008, a video of a floppy disk playing the Imperial March from “Star Wars” was featured on Hack A Day, Today & Tomorrow, Think Artificial, Buzzfeed and Make Magazine. The following year, artist Mike Kohn launched a section on his personal site to exhibit his floppy drive music work, featuring Bach’s Invention 13.
Since then, hundreds of different videos and tutorials have been posted all over the internet showing their floppy drive music creations and sharing coding tutorials to create your own playable floppy drive.

100+ Inspiring Presets & Total Control In One Stylish Package!

Sampleso has custom built and programmed the circuit that converts MIDI information from a keyboard controller to the necessary information for the floppy drive to play a musical note. This circuit was based on an Arduino Uno and was coded specifically for this project.
The drive was carefully sampled using state of the art equipment, using acoustic techniques to give the instrument a bigger, fuller sound.
After which Sampleso implemented the samples onto their signature custom Kontakt engine, and added some exclusive features to compliment the floppy drive sound, resulting in a one of a kind instrument that will definitely keep your creativity flowing.
All the controls in the main interface can be assigned a MIDI CC with a simple right-click.
Select a preset from the 100+  that Sampleso designed or create and save your own presets.
Filter your preset search by sections, tags, and category.
The preset menu also lets you preview each preset while loading it.
This exclusive feature lets you sync the floppy engine cycles to your host’s tempo.
This gives the instrument such an amazing rhythmic effect, you won’t want to turn it off!

“Floppytron Synth”?

With Floppytron, Sampleso have excelled themselves by taking a simple idea that started life as a YouTube curio, stretching to it’s absolute limits through modern sampling technology.
The sheer amount of shaping and FX combinations that are possible within this Kontakt based library lend it to many interesting and varied musical uses in such genres as:
  • 8-bit chip tunes
  • Pop
  • Electronica
  • Sound Design
The possibilities are almost limitless!
Note: Requires FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later, NOT Compatible with the free Kontakt player.

Normally €44 – get it at 77% off before it’s gone!

  • 77% off the normal price (normally €44)!
  • Extra wide Interface.
  • Flat & Intuitive design.
  • Sampled with high-end equipment.
  • Exclusive beat sync engine.
  • Unique Kontakt engine interface.
  • Sampleso exclusive and inspiring effects Morpher.
  • 2 LFO’s and 2 advanced step sequencers.
  • Advanced Key-switch function.
  • More than 100 presets + presets easy tags navigation.
  • 18 FX included.
  • 300mb zip file.
  • Note: Requires FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later, NOT Compatible with the free Kontakt player.
  • Windows 7 or higher (latest Service Pack, 32/64 Bit), Intel Core Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2, 4 GB RAM (6 GB RAM recommended).
  • Mac: OS X 10.9 or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM.
  • Perfect for Electronica, Pop, 8-bit chip tunes, Sound Design and much, much more!


Friday, August 24, 2018

79% OFF The Sound Solutions Bundle by Composers Tools

For just $89.99, get this epic deal featuring 3 libraries from Composers Tools at an amazing 79% off ($335 savings)! 1st is the ABC ENGINE BUNDLE, a collection of 3 products using the same interface, allowing you to share snapshots or settings between patches. 
2nd is Eris, a must have for those who expect deep tones and huge evolving spaces in their productions. And 3rd is Eris Stringis which will quickly become an essential addition to your main strings library. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal ending soon, hurry and save!

  • 23,3 GB of samples
  • Works with the full version of kontakt (5.6 minimum required)
  • Snapshot compatibility between Voce, Under Vibe and Thing Thong.
  • Free updates for newer versions of all patches

Video Demo

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Premier Performance Bundle by AKAI/AIR Music Technology 87% OFF !

For just $89.99, AKAI and Air Music Tech proudly offer The Premier Performance Bundle featuring 16 epic libraries at  a whopping 87% off (over $590 savings)! 

Discover one of the world’s most diverse collections for live or studio performance with well over 150GB of content. 

This is the ultimate collection for beginners and seasoned pros alike.  You do not want to miss this amazing deal, hurry and save!


Friday, May 11, 2018

75% Off Cinemorphx by Sample Logic - Limited Time Deal !

Cinemorphx- 6,000+ INSTRUMENTS, 30GB-
Use coupon code CINE75 
at checkout to get the discount!

  • Over 6000 never-before-heard sound presets
  • Dozens of fully-customizable effects presets
  • 4 soundcore engine, allowing simultaneous playback of up to 8 soundsources
  • Sample Logic’s proprietary Morph Animator, Step Animator, 3D Mixer, and the only XY mixer for Kontakt
  • All new hot-swappable FX chain technology
  • Fully randomizable interface for instant inspiration
  • All new effects inserts modules
  • So much more!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

83% Off Epic Sample Library Bundle - Limited Time Deal! 10% Goes to Charity!

Epic Sample Library Bundle - Over 52GB+ of percussion, sound design , choir, FX, synths & more included!

6 products in the bundle – €1112 worth of content 

Up to 82% off EACH product, or buy the full bundle and save €913!

Over 52GB+ of percussion, sound design, choir, FX, synths and more included!

Perfect for trailer music, cinematic music…anything that requires something EPIC!

Buy each product individually at a huge discount or grab them all for mega savings.

10% of your purchase goes directly to charity!

This is the perfect time to grab up these products if you don't already have them. I purchased most of these at a price not even close to this low price. This bundle is an absolute steal!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

70% off “RealiDrums” by Realitone (Kontakt Player Compatible)

Welcome to your new favorite drum library – With “RealiDrums”, you’ll be working faster, you’ll be getting the best sounds available, and most importantly, you’ll be having more fun doing it!
With 117 different drums and cymbals, plus sidesticks and percussion elements, a revolutionary Groove Generator and a fast and intuitive workflow this is the biggest and best drum collection you can buy!

This Is Not A “Normal” Drum Library… Here’s Why:

RealiDrums is not like other drum libraries. Check out the video to see why, but some if the great features include:
  • The BIGGEST drum collection you can buy – 42 different Snares, 7 different Kicks, 11 Hi Hats, 24 Rides, 33 Crash Cymbals, plus Sidesticks and percussion elements. These aren’t just different mixes – these are different drums!
  • The fastest workflow – This means you can find the sound you need *fast*. No tweaking and tweaking, trying to massage the wrong drum into what you wish it sounded like. With RealiDrums, simply try another drum. And then another. All quickly, with no wait for load times.
  • The most fun groove generator – select a beat and modify it easily
Best of all… this library runs in the Free Kontakt Player, which you can download HERE so no additional software is needed!

Find Instant Inspiration in the Built-in Groove Generator!

The Groove Generator in “RealiDrums” works completely differently to most other drum plugins. First you select a beat in a given style (from) , then you can begin to modify it to sound busier or simpler by simply moving the “Complexity Sliders”.

These Complexity Sliders are independent, so you can make the hi hat busier, but make the kick simpler and maybe add sparse (or busy) toms to the rhythm, too. There is also have a master slider if you want to adjust all the elements at one.

Now let’s suppose you want hi hat instead of ride. That’s easy. Just turn off the hi hat button and click the ride button. Or maybe you’d like toms to get involved in the rhythm. Just select it, the move the Complexity Slider until it’s playing what you want.

Want a crash cymbal on the downbeat? Turn on the crash button and move the Complexity Slider to the left (for the most basic crash pattern.) Or if you want your drummer to bang those crashes, turn up the slider until it’s just right.
The theory behind the Groove Generator was to make it feel as close to working with a real drummer as possible.
For instance, if a drummer was with you right now, you might say, “Give me a surfer beat for this song.” He’ll play a surfer beat, then you might say, “No, that’s too busy. Can you make it simpler?” Or you might say, “That sounds cool, but I was hoping for the rhythm part to be on toms, instead of hi hat.”
That’s exactly how ther Groove Generator works. It’s interactive, and you’re actually *creating* music, instead of “assembling” a track by searching through countless MIDI loops.
Prefer working in midi tracks? Use the Groove Generator as a starting point. Drag and drop any of the midi grooves into your host DAW tracks then edit to your heart’s content. Any way you like to work, this will get your track up and moving in no time at all!
Of course! You’ll find the fills on keyswitches, so you can play them anywhere in the beat, and they will automatically play in sync and adjust in length so they make musical sense. We guarantee you’re going to find yourself playing around with a beat and adding fills, just because it’s so fun!

Normally €250 – get it at 70% off before its gone!

  • 70% off the normal price (normally €250)!
  • The biggest (and best sounding) drum collection you can buy!
  • 42 different Snares
  • 7 different Kicks
  • 11 Hi Hats, 24 Rides
  • 33 Crash Cymbals
  • Sidesticks and percussion elements
  • Revolutionary Groove Generator with Complexity Sliders – just like working with a real drummer!
  • Comprehensive Mixer including Pan & High/Mid/Low EQ
  • Effects Sends for Reverb & Compression
  • Four mic mixes including Close Rock, Room & Beast!
  • PC/Mac compatible. Runs in all sequencers.
  • Note: This library runs in the Free Kontakt Player, which you can download HERE
  • Perfect for all sorts of genres including Rock, Punk, Funk, Pop and much more!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

60% off “Broadway Gig” by Fable Sounds

Broadway Gig” – Created specifically for keyboardists playing live shows, this most affordable product in the Broadway series is a powerhouse!

With 8.6 GB of audio content and 12,952 unique samples,  whether you play Funk, Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B, Latin, Hip-Hop, Jazz or Reggae, this virtual instrument is perfect for keyboardists playing live shows of any scale!

8.6GB of Brass & Wind Instruments for Kontakt Player!

Broadway Gig is redefining what a keyboardist can do on the stage, and on a budget. It includes the segments which are most useful for playing live shows, taken straight out of Fable Sounds’ critically acclaimed flagship product – Broadway Big Band
This library features 4 wind instruments that have been deeply sampled and lovingly scripted for the ultimate in live playability:
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Tenor Saxophone
  • Baritone Saxophone
You can use any of the Broadway Gig instruments multiple times in the arrangement or in a multi, creating a realistic section of multiple instruments. Each of the 4 instruments can simulate up to 5 instances of itself even when playing in unison, without sacrificing realism.
All the instruments come with the microphone setups most optimized for fitting perfectly in the PA mix, creating the sonic illusion that there is a live horn section on stage!

Testimonials from Players Using It In the Real World, On Stage!

I used Broadway Big Band in live shows with Paul McCartney, Bobby Kimble, Paul Simon, Danny Seraphine…” “It helps when you have a great library like Broadway Big Band. That makes my life much easier” – Robert Luna (keyboard player)

Fantastic, these samples will really help your productions come alive” – Tony Newton (World famous motown bass player)

I’m not sure what voodoo / black magic they did to get it to sound like that, but it is unreal how real it actually sounds” – Assaf Rinde (Composer for film, TV, video games etc.)
Sound fat”; “very responsive”; “Its a great product. I recommend Broadway Gig for everyone” – Joey Melotti (Singer Songwriter and keyboardist for Barry Manilow)

This is the most amazing tool I’ve ever come across for being able to do brass arrangements.” “Its just amazing how realistic and clean the Broadway library sounds, and its definitely changed the way I work” – Rob Arbittier (Composer & Music Producer – former programmer for Stevie Wonder)

Normally €165 – get it at 60% off before its gone!

  • Absolute no-brainer at 60% off the normal price (normally €165)!
  • 8.6 GB of multi-sample audio content at 24 bit / 44.1 Khz – 12,952 unique samples.
  • Real note-transition samples, including legato, glissando, etc.
  • Real-time access to all of the articulations of each instrument.
  • Clever key-switch programming enables super-fast, easy and intuitive articulation switching in real-time.
  • MIDI data morphing for mod-wheel driven crescendos and diminuendos.
  • Velocity Curve control, and Velocity Shift slider.
  • Unison Section – enables stacking multiple instances of the same instrument, creating a realistic section even when playing in unison.
  • Real-Time Orchestrator – a revolutionary powerful feature which enables a keyboard player to play an entire mixed section of instruments with polyphonic polyrhythmic legato.
  • Includes a set of powerful instruments multis for easy section playing (both regular stacked multis and RTO multis).
  • Revolutionary and patented alternate samples handling (round-robin).
  • Create and recall snapshots of alternate cycles to lock performance and gain ultimate control.
  • Top New York musicians and recording studios.
  • Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11 or 10.12 (latest update) or newer (64-bit only) – Intel Core 2 Duo (minimum)
  • Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit) – Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 (minimum)
  • 4 GB RAM (minimum)
  • 88 Keys MIDI keyboard (recommended)
  • 9 GB of disk space (18 GB of space required during installation)
  • Supports: Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX
  • An internet connection is required for activation.
  • Once activated, it can be used offline.
  • Note: Broadway Gig is compatible with the free Kontakt Player which you can download HERE
  • Ideal for Live gigging in a variety of styles including Funk, Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B, Latin, Hip-Hop, Jazz or Reggae!

Saturday, November 11, 2017



EXPEDITIONS is a dynamic rhythmic sequencing and effects engine accompanied by a top-notch collection of eclectic cinematic and world loops, perfect for all styles of music production. By harnessing the power and flexibility of a 4-core loop engine, EXPEDITIONS possesses limitless creativity that is sure to transport your music around the world and beyond. These diverse loops span the entire globe from Africa, Asia, Europe, to America and Latin America. Genres include Acoustic, Melodic, Synthetic, Orchestral, Hybrid, Industrial and many more. Each loop has been hand crafted from the finest recordings of live performers courtesy of months of production by the visionary Sample Logic team in collaboration with renowned producers at Black Octopus, Loopmasters, Prime Loops and All this to bring you the utmost in sample quality, authenticity and variety.


For many years Sample Logic has been collecting unique and inspiring samples from all over the globe and now they finally have a way to show them off. Presenting EXPEDITIONS…the definitive collection of essential sounds for all cinematic and world music productions.


The genre-busting sources of these loops combine drum kits, orchestras, winds, reeds, percussion, pianos and synths, to name just a few of their inspirations. Paring these loops and presets with an an unparalleled audio engine that defies definition makes EXPEDITIONS the last loop player you will need for cinematic and world music productions.



  • $299
  • $199



    • $249
    • $149





    Loopmasters Premium Sounds

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