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Monday, June 18, 2018

Cloud Atlas – Omnisphere 2 Soundset by Triple Spiral Audio - REVIEW

Composer and Sound Designer Jaap Visser of 'Triple Spiral Audio' is one of the hardest working sound designers I've seen in quite some time. He started his company in August 2017 and has managed to release soundsets for Zebra 2, The Dark Zebra, Diva, Falcon, Iris 2, Serum, and of course my favorite Omnisphere 2. 
The Cloud Atlas soundset was
inspired by the famous book by David Mitchell. The description of the sounds from Triple Spiral Audio is a journey filled with mysterious leads, haunting basses, lush and evolving analog pads, neo-futuristic, dystopian soundscapes, and tribal arpeggiated sounds.

Cloud Atlas was created with new soundsources from original recordings with a variety of synths and other instruments. The soundsources include: ARP Solina SE IV, Roland D50, Super  Jv-1080,  a custom modular setup, and custom created soundscapes from different guitar and woodwind recordings. 

Just before releasing this review there were 
a total of 200 presets, 20 multis and 120 soundsources but now I just got word that there will be a Free update for this library making it
 ( 225 presets and 50 multis sometime at the end of June or early July 2018)

The other information I want to note about Cloud Atlas is that you can get 50 extra bonus presets and 10 additional multis if you're an owner of the Season Pass which gives you access to all the new releases from the period June 2018 'till June 2019, which I think is a phenomenal deal.


As I got myself ready to review this new soundset I tried to set my expectations low since the last 2 soundsets (Empty Fields F.2 and Journeys) earned a perfect score.  What does it sound like? Amazing! Even though I have never read the Cloud Atlas book I felt like I was on an exclusive choose your own adventure of imagery with each patch. Each preset seems to tell its own story and anyone composing films or games will truly discover some new and unique sounds coming out of the synthesis of Omnisphere 2. The patches in the main part of the library are divided into 10 categories: Arp & Bpm, Guitars, Hits and Bits, Keyboards, Pads + Strings, Synth Bass, Synth Mono, Synth Poly, Textures Playable, and Textures Soundscapes. Then we move into the Multis section which would essentially make the 11th category. 
Cloud Atlas is not just another success from Triple Spiral Audio it's a monumental feat of sound design expertise. I not only had a blast with Cloud Atlas, but I had an expedition in wonderment. Before wrapping up this review I must state the bonus presets for season pass owners is a must own in my opinion. These bonus presets are not substandard throw in patches. These are incredibly worth the price of admission for getting the season pass. Triple Spiral Audio has the reputation in delivering exceptional content which makes owning the season pass invaluable. Again, if you're unsure check out the other video below I did with the bonus presets and I think you'll agree with me. Cloud Atlas by Triple Spiral Audio is another colossal addition for your Omnisphere 2 library that you'll find the patches have been uniquely crafted into something remarkable making this an easy 5 out of 5 stars!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Omnisphere Cyberia by The Unfinished for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 - Out Now!

Omnisphere Cyberia is a collection of 300 patches for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.
It is designed to blend the electronic and organic worlds, in order to provide dynamic and dramatic, atmospheric sounds; full of grit, punch and wonder. 
The library is primarily aimed at the dense, action-packed and immersive soundtracks of modern FPS games such as Modern Warfare, Call of Duty, Ghost Recon, Battlefield and Halo; but it also brings in hints of powerful, modulating dancefloor synths, the delicately brutal score sound of Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, and even some folk horror.
Cyberia is dripping with rippling basslines, bowed drones, atonal pulses, thrashy guitars, dark synths, glitchy textures, hi-octane loops, epic impacts, dusty organic pads, brooding atmospheres and spine-chilling effects.
This collection creates an enveloping world of sound: tense, aggressive, lustrous, raw and complex. It takes thrilling, cutting edge, cinematic sounds and adds an extra layer of intimacy, ambience and unease, placing you at the centre of a sonic palette designed to tell a gripping and eclectic story.
Omnisphere Cyberia is available for £39.99 +VAT. You will need Omnisphere 2 to run this library.



Friday, January 12, 2018

DARKless for Omnisphere 2 - Out Now ! Link In Description -by String Audio
After the incredible success of criticism and sales of LIGHTless, STRING AUDIO is extremely happy to release, after months of work spent recording and programming, a new amazing library for Omnisphere 2.

DARKless, with its 2.7 GB of new samples, exclusively recorded and produced for Omnisphere 2 STEAM engine, gives all the Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 users a new gem full of new soundscapes, signature samples and musical cues that will help you to write and produce your new musical masterpiece.

Although both libraries offer a very wide spectrum of sound possibilities, from the darkest to the most ethereal ones, DARKless is more oriented towards bright tones and a positive/emotional mood, making it the perfect companion of LIGHTless, which has sound characteristics oriented towards dark tones and a mysterious/sinister and aggressive mood.
Content Description
  • 2.7+ GB of brand new STRING AUDIO signature samples exclusively recorded and produced for Omnisphere 2
  • 305 Soundsources
  • 346 Patches
  • 128 Multis

All Patches and Multis names contain an indication of the type of sound based on its tone and mood. 

Please note that this is only an indication and you can easily edit the tone and mood of the sounds using the powerful editing functions offered by Omnisphere 2.

[white] : usually a bright tone and a positive/emotional mood
[grey] : usually a bright tone but with a mysterious/sinister mood
[black] : usually a dark tone and a gloomy/creepy/aggressive mood



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