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Monday, September 17, 2018

Traveller for Omnisphere 2.5 by Triple Spiral Audio- Pre-Order



Pre-order active with an extra discount – release is estimated on the 20th of September. Pre-order price is €32.95, regular introduction price for one week after release is €37.95 and full price is €44.95

“My witness is the empty sky” wrote Jack Kerouac in his famous book On the Road. Traveller is a soundset that provides you a journey where dark and light meet eachother and where hardly anything stands still. Movement is one of the key features of this soundset. Dark and light ambient pads and textures, mysteriously moving soundscapes and guitar drones. Haunting arp’s and dark deep ominous basses.
The set contains 200 presets and 50 multis crafted for the new updated Omnisphere 2.5 and uses only soundsources from the core Omnisphere 2 library.
Traveller is a soundset that is perfectly suited for ambient music productions or to serve as underscore in film/game or library music
All the presets use the 4 layers in Omnisphere 2.5 and often the modwheel makes it possible to add or remove certain elements. For example to remove the pulsating movement in a preset and to turn it into a more static pad. Or to transform a soft plucked synth into a lush analog texture.
Traveller will be available on the 20th of September.

Learn more Here: TripleSpiralAudio  

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

'Empty Fields '– F.2 - Omnisphere 2 Soundset by Triple Spiral Audio - REVIEW


Empty Fields – F.2 for Omnisphere 2 is an ongoing project with 10 releases in a one-year timespan (every 4/5 weeks a new release). Each release will contain 50 – 70 new patches, 10 – 20 multis and it will use a hybrid setup with using both new recorded material and using soundsources from the Omnisphere 2 core library.

You pay a one-time price of €75,00 and you will receive automatically each new release. If you are joining in later, you will get all the previous released packs. 

There is also an unbelievable 90 day money back option which  
you will not have to worry about because this library is so damn good, I mean it! 

I was totally engrossed into a world of peaceful ambiance with nature scenes all around me. As I played this library I could see myself on my own little adventure away from all the madness of technology. I believe I could score an entire documentary or a film underscore with just this pack alone. The new soundsources were top notch breathing a serene outdoor life into Empty Fields.  The patches are divided into Ambiences, ARP's, Basses, Keys, Leads, Pads, and Soundscapes. What also impressed me was the fact that I experienced different atmospheres and environments in this series. I felt like I was traveling in the cold dead of winter and then reborn with the birth of spring. Tons of emotions have been crafted in the sound design of Empty Fields and Triple Spiral Audio has once again created a masterpiece. I don’t mean to gush over the power of this series, but I can’t help myself. Anyone with Omnisphere 2 would be falling way short by not picking this up. 

Final Thoughts:

The Empty Fields series for Omnisphere 2 embodies ambient perfection in every way. Triple Spiral Audio has risen in the ranks of one of my favorite sound designers. A one-time price of €75,00 will give you 10 releases in one year, has to be the the best values I’ve seen in years. This is a Mandatory Buy! 

5 out of 5 stars

 -Sample Sound Review


Watch the Patch Walkthrough Video Below:



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