Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Christmas Specials at Triple Spiral Audio | Ghosts of Christmas & Sylphs | Omnisphere & Diva

Triple Spiral Audio Ghosts of Christmas & Sylphs


The Christmas Specials are soundsets for various soft synths and created by Triple Spiral Audio, Subsonic Artz and Heartwood Soundware. We started creating these special soundsets in 2020 and each year we will expand them with a few new ones.
They are only available between 21 December and 21 January for a fixed price of €10,- each.
50% of the earnings go to charity and in 2021 that is to the Red Cross and several foodbank organisations around the globe.

This year we have 2 new soundsets:

Triple Spiral Audio - Ghost of Christmas

Ghosts of Christmas

Ghosts of Christmas is a soundset with 70 presets and created from 78 soundsources. The set is inspired by the Christmas Carol story of Charles Dickens and this set contains sounds from the past, present and future. The overall atmosphere of the soundset is lo-fi/ambient.

This soundset requires Omnisphere 2.8+ and 350mb of free HD space.

Subsonic Artz - Sylphs for DIVA 

Like we did last year with Let there be light (also avalaible again for one month too), SYLPHS was
built to offer you the best DIVA set possible for the great price of only 10 Euros.
Inspired by the fantasy tales and the elements of Earth, we did our best to cook you this tasty
XMAS cake with sounds of whales, witch’s cauldron, ethereal sylphs and so on…
Love and light to you all.

There are 128 patches in DIVA – SYLPHS

1/ Exhale: 64 Patches amoung the very best of all our presets from the previous sets (Dystopiartz,
Origin, Nexus 49, Norse Myths, Neo Future, Yesterday’s Harvest). All the patches have been modified to
sound (a bit or very) differently…

2/ Inhale: 64 totally new Patches.
You better use the latest version of DIVA to fully enjoy this soundbank.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, the best wishes for 2022 in good health for you and your loved ones! 


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