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Inferno SFX Cinematic Sound Effects Reviews



The inspiration behind the Flame Sound project comes from a lifelong dedication to content





425+ original sounds

4 variations per sound

1700+ total sounds


24-bit WAV (48 kHz)
 Size 5.60 GB

1) Accents
2) Booms
3) Braams
4) Emotions
5) Downshifters
6) Impacts
7) Tension Builders
8) Textures
9) Transitions


 Founder Tomislav Zlatic of Bedroom Producers blog and 99 Sounds launches Flame Sound. BPB began in 2009 and 99Sounds in 2014. Tomislav had a vision of creating the highest quality audio effects for media creators at a reasonable cost. Inferno SFX is the debut release from Flame Sound and features three versions of this sound effects library that includes Free (50 sounds), Standard, and a Deluxe. Today we're going to look at the Deluxe version that contains over double the sounds of the standard version and downloads at 5.60 GB.

When you open up the folder of sounds, you'll see four sections Original, Space, Dark, and Grit. Within each section, there are nine categories, including Accents, Booms, Braams, Downshifters, Emotions, Impacts, Tension, Textures, and Transitions. Original, contains all the sounds in their original main form. Space, contains a brighter reverb on all the sounds designed for epic scenes. Dark, is an alternate darker version with added reverb created to be more delicate. The last one is Grit which adds distortion and other processing to give the sound a more aggressive character of the sounds.

The samples in the deluxe pack have 425+ original sounds and when you add the variants brings the total to over 1,700 sounds. The other important factor to note is that the Deluxe version comes with Free lifetime updates with more content added at no extra cost making this an a more extraordinary value. 

The samples are of the highest production quality of 24-bit WAV (48 kHz) and 100% royalty-free with no other license needed for your musical/film productions. Since these are WAV files, you can drag and drop them into any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

The Accents contain a variety of short effects like hits, jump-scares, thriller accents, war drums, synth tones, and more. Booms consist of earth-shaking heavy bass impacts with attributes like alarming, cavernous, dramatic, morphing, synthetic, decaying, deep, and much more. The Braams are powerful and are a staple in cinematic productions. A blend of synthetic and orchestral sound effects creates a focus on thrilling moments essential for tension and suspense. The Downshifters are a combination of Bass and Sub-bass drops. Emotions contain a nice collection of atmospheric drones and chords. Some of the drones surpass a minute long, and the chords are 12-13 seconds long. The Textures include some scary atmospheres and rhythms. Transitions consist of whooshes, flybys, passbys, organic, quick reveal, simple, and wind gust. Finally, impacts comprise harmonic hits, shattered glass, metallic hits, thuds, slams, and heavy thumps.

 These sound effects are top-grade, and everything you will need is in the deluxe version. However, if you want to check out 50 sounds at no cost (25 original sounds with two variations), you can download the Free version.

Inferno SFX by Flame Sound is an incredible debut that offers a wealth of resources right out of the box indispensable for scoring films, trailers, video games, or anything else needing cinematic audio effects. The deluxe version comes with my highest rating for topmost production value and the longevity of Free continuous updates with new sounds.



5 Out Of 5 Stars ! 



Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer/Infinite Mindscape/Darkmood)

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