Thursday, December 16, 2021

PRE-ORDER: Usynth by UJAM | Synthesizer Series

Ujam Usynth synthesizer


German-American plug-in maker UJAM announce the start of the pre-order period for Usynth: their new Synthesizer series!

UJAM focused on creating easy-to-use Synthesizers, made for everyone who doesn’t want to tweak a thousand knobs in order to shape the sound of a single waveform. No need to study music technology. Just pure fun!

The Usynth Bundle includes three titles: EUPHORIA (Modern EDM), CARAMEL (Lush pads), and 2080 (Synthwave)


Under the hood, Usynth is a very complex synthesizer. Each instance consists of 2 individual layers per voice, with Virtual Analog, Wavetable, FM and Multisample Synthesis, Multi-mode Filter, 5-stage envelopes, LFOs, 12-way modulation matrix and much much more. But why would you care!


Usynth doesn’t require you to know how a synthesizer works in order to find and create inspiring new sounds. Intuitively tweak to your heart’s content. Think Instagram filters, or think steering wheel and two pedals – that’s how you operate Usynth.

Pricing and availability

The Usynth Bundle is now available for pre-order at for 99 EUR / USD until January 20th, 2022. From January 27th on, the bundle sells for 149 EUR / USD.

The pre-order bundle includes: The first 3 synthesizer titles EUPHORIA (Modern EDM), CARAMEL (Lush pads), and 2080 (Synthwave) at a discounted price. Early access on January 20th and access to join the live synth workshop webinar with synth guru and UJAM founder Peter Gorges.




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