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REVIEW: HYPERNOVA | Polyphonic Kontakt Synthesizer by CL-Projects

HYPERNOVA is a polyphonic Kontakt synthesizer from CL-Projects. According to CL-Projects this synth is based on well known polyphonic synthesizer from the late 90's that was capable of emulating Minimoog, Jupiter 8, Juno 106 and ARP 2600 sounds. It can emulate retro synth sounds by using sampling technology and to be honest it blew my mind. Hypernova is a 3 oscillator synthesizer that uses 50 different sound sets per oscillator and the sounds were sampled without the filter, LFO and effects settings.

Lets look at the Details from the Cl-Projects Site:

THE ARP & MODS PAGE: exists out of a 64 step arpeggiator with a random arp generator. Beneath the arpeggiator there's a small mod section where you can change the bend range, the pitch LFO and level LFO sensitivity for the modwheel and pressure for the three oscillators.


All the parameters on the controls page are available for the 3 oscillators separately. Four different waveforms can be selected for each oscillator: square, saw, noise and special. The special waveform is a choice between 50 different waveforms, selectable via a menu. Each oscillator has level, pan, tuning and modulation parameters. The global section contains the parameters that affects all three oscillators at once. On the the top left are the poly, solo, legato and offset settings with the possibility to change the note order in which the notes are played when set to solo, legato or offset: last, next, low and high. On the top right you can find the Portamento and Unisono parameters. The filter section contains 5 different filters of which 4 are ladder filters known for their Moog like character and the fifth filter is the well known Pro53 filter. Each filter has its own frequency and resonance setting, also accompanied with their modulation settings for velocity, modwheel, pressure and key track. The envelopes section contains three different envelopes for amp, filter and pitch each with their own presets. Last but not least there is a very extensive LFO section. Each oscillator has an LFO for pitch, filter, level and pan with a choice between four different waveforms: square, saw, tri (triangle) and s/h (sample and hold).


contains 7 different effects. A convolution reverb with a choice between 7 different spaces:chamber, room, hall, church, plate, spring and gate. Other effects are delay, chorus, flanger, phaser, distortion and a 3-band equalizer, each with their own effect presets.


Kontakt 5.3 (Full version, not Kontakt Player)
970 Mb in size unpacked
24bit 44.100 Khz ncw samples
360 patches: 236 instruments and 124 multis
36 samples per instrument, 3 OSC, 12 per OSC
5 different filters: 4 ladder filters and Pro53 filter
Velocity and Aftertouch responsive
7 Effects: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Distortion, EQ
Time and Speed parameters sync to Host tempo
Controls page
Effects page
ARP & Mods page


8 Ambient & FX
16 Arpeggios
40 Bass
16 Brass
4 Drums
20 Keys
20 Leads
40 Pads
24 Strings
​40 Synths
8 Winds


4 Ambient & FX
12 Arpeggios
20 Bass
8 Brass
12 Keys
12 Leads
20 Pads
12 Strings
​20 Synths
4 Winds

Watch the Video below to Hear all the Presets in this 3 Hour Demonstration of the Sounds



 Hypernova by CL-Projects knocked this synth out of this world! Frank Dierickx, the sound designer behind CL-Projects has really created something ultra special. In fact, I have been a huge fan of Tangerine Dream since the early days and before I even read Frank's influences were Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and others I could hear it in his sound design.   Musicians and Composers looking for that beautiful analog sound that is really popular right now, need to check this out. Cl-Projects sell their products via Kontakt Hub, Sampleism and Synthmob but visit his site Cl-Projects Sound Design to learn more. As far as the price goes I would have expected it to be at least double the price however, this synth is only £30.00 or $49.99 U.S. - a total bargain! One other thing I really like, is that the layout of this synth is simple and easy to get around. It's not CPU heavy and loading times are fast so you will get a lot done in a quicker amount of time.
This is one of the best sampled polyphonic synthesizers I've ever played. The amount of presets are just epic and the emulation of vintage synth sounds is pure magic. 

5 out of 5 Stars!

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