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Thursday, February 8, 2018

70% Off Winds of Awesomeness Bundle by Embertone - Limited Time - Sample Library Deal !!

For just $89, get the amazing Winds of Awesomeness bundle by Embertone. Regular price $293 !
This vast collection of winds libraries built for the full retail version of Kontakt comes with over 14,000 samples! Save over $200 on this amazing deal which ends soon, don't be late to the party! 

Earn 2x Rewards in The Shop After completing your order. $18 will be instantly added to your Rewards Wallet which you can use for any product in The Shop. Key Features: 10GB+ disk space required 14,000+ samples included Pure and inspiring tones 
Full vibrato and dynamic control Requires full version of Kontakt.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

STUDIODEVIL Massive Amp Bundle 81% off Deal !

STUDIODEVIL proudly offers the Massive Amp Bundle featuring a collection of 5 top quality guitar amps for Mac and Windows. Normally valued at $525, the whole collection is now offered for $99. That’s a total savings of $425 (81% off). This offer is valid only until November 30th, you don’t want to miss this amazing deal!

Key Features

  • Requires a VST, Audio Units, or RTAS audio host for Windows or Mac OS X.
  • Amp Modeler Pro: 15 Preamp Models cover every range of playing styles and modeled using Studio Devil’s proprietary digital vacuum tube modeling technology…nothing else sounds as real as Studio Devil because it uses exclusive and patented tube modeling algorithms!
  • Virtual Tube Preamp: Discrete Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Channel using the best vacuum tube modeling technology available to faithfully emulate the dynamic and expressive nature of real vacuum tube preamplifiers using Studio Devil’s proprietary vacuum tube circuit modeling technologies!
  • Virtual Bass Amp Pro: Import and Export Presets via XML files to share your tones with everyone via the Internet, email, and blogs!
  • Virtual Guitar Amp II: 18 Preamp Models cover every range of playing styles and modeled using Studio Devil’s proprietary digital vacuum tube modeling technology…nothing else sounds as real as Studio Devil because it uses exclusive and patented tube modeling algorithms!
  • Virtual Bass Amp: Built In 7-Band Graphic Equalizer with master level and bypass controls!                                                                                    
  • GET DEAL HERE                                                                                                                                         

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

65% off “Juggernaut” by Impact Soundworks - Dark, Cinematic FX: Impacts, Risers, Transitions, Textures, Basses & Drums!




4.5GB+ of Dark, Cinematic FX: Impacts, Risers, Transitions, Textures, Basses & Drums!

Crafting the library of “Juggernaut” was no small task. Together with a team of brilliant sound designers and film, TV & game composers including, Mick Gordon (Doom, Need for Speed, Killer Instinct), Jordan Fehr (Hotline Miami, DKC Returns, Super Meat Boy), Erik Ekholm (Universal, UFC, Top Gear) Impact Soundworks crafted over 500 unique sound sources using everything from:
  • Vintage Analog Monsters to Modular Chains
  • Guitar Pedals
  • FM, and Wavetable Synthesis.
“Juggernaut” consists of three sound sets: Drums, FX, and Basses, spread across two Kontakt patches and an external set of stand-alone WAV files and uses a ‘next gen’ GUI with an incredibly deep and customizable feature set. The result is a powerful scoring tool that is truly designed with composers in mind and we think that Juggernaut will quickly become an essential tool in your arsenal!

550 Epic Drum Sounds and Stunning Cinematic FX!

The Drums & FX patch is built on over 550 samples (257 drums [10x RR each] and 296 fx) and contains 30 drum kit presets along with a wide range of impacts, rises, drops, textures and sweeps.
Drums within Juggernaut are organized into 8 categories. This organization is useful if you are dragging WAV files directly into your DAW, or if you are assembling a kit and don’t know where to start. The bold number is the # of sounds in each category:
  • Kick (45) – Short, bass-heavy kick drums with lots of 40-120hz punch and ‘oomph’.
  • Snare (35) – All manner of electronic and physically-modeled snare drums, including noise-based snares.
  • Thip (44) – Short, quickly-decaying sounds at a higher pitch and with mid/high frequency emphasis (i.e. hi-hats).
  • Splash (20) – Medium-decay open hihats, splash cymbals, and other drums full of upper-spectrum noise.
  • Crash (19) – Emulations of long-decay crash cymbals of various types.
  • Slam (23) – Full-bodied drums that lie somewhere between a snare and kick – great for big hits with punch.
  • Perc (54) – Toms, shakers, claps, rotos, orchestral bass drums, and ethnic drum emulations are all found here.
  • Tonal (17) – Short noises with a very defined pitch.
There are plenty of kits to choose from and all drums have 10 round robin variations for extra realism!
In order to use the FX patches, you simply click the little slider button (to the right of the mixer) and you get the access to the 6 FX categories provided, these are:
  • Impact (92) –  Powerful hits, great for downbeats or emphasizing cuts.
  • Reverse (37) –  Sounds that gradually build in volume, useful for transitions.
  • Drop (40) –  Synths that steadily drop in pitch, useful to bring the energy down before bringing it back.
  • Riser (48) –  Any kind of sound that rises and builds in pitch, volume and intensity before reaching a high point.
  • Sweep (46) –  Often tonal sounds that swell in volume, pitch or intensity, useful as transitions.
  • Texture (33) –  Tonal sounds best used solo to establish ambience, atmosphere, and mood.
Also included in this mode are a 32 channel mixer, divided into four sections of 8 virtual mixers channels each. A different drum or FX sound can be loaded into each slot with individual tuning, levels, and pan position, allowing you build complete kits. The Bank Selectors switch underneath the mixer controls which bank of 8 channels are being edited at any time. Additionally Audition mode maps your selection across the keyboard, helping you explore each instrument category.
The FX Section contains a whole host of tools for processing the entire kit. Each effect can be switched on and off, and all parameters are saved with the preset. The effects included are Limiter, Exciter, Phaser, Filter, Reverb, Delay & ADSR.

50 Awesome Bass Patches for Maximum Low End Impact!

The Bass patch contains over 50 bass sources, the sounds range al the way from chubby bass to screeching stabs and dark arps and are divided into the following 5 categories:
  • Solid (10) – Sounds with little to no modulation or movement. Perfect for layering.
  • Mover (10) –  Sounds with lots of regular or irregular motion, sweeping, and phasing, including vowel sounds.
  • Disto (11) – Distorted synths with significant saturation, bite, aggression and upper harmonics.
  • Fuzz (11) – Sounds with emphasized mid and high frequency noise and smearing, creating a ‘fuzzy’ effect.
  • 1-Shot (11) – Sounds that do not sustain and instead decay after a short time, useful for faster sequences.
Patches are selected via the custom preset window, which also includes octave controls to knock the sound up or down by octave in pitch. A master volume dial sits to the right of this.
On top of this each patch then has access to a step/arpeggiator sequencer with more than 10 presets plus an effects area with 10 additional presets too. This gives you an incredibly flexible range of sounds from just 50 bass synths using just the presets!

So What Exactly Can I Do With “Juggernaut”?

With over 500 sounds and infinite tweakability “Juggernaut” is great for but also goes far beyond epic, dark film trailers and scores. The incredible variety of sounds included are well-suited for many genres of music, including:
  • Electronic – Dubstep, ‘Brostep’, Trance, House, Big Beat, Breakbeat, Drum n’ Bass…
  • Subtle underscore and drama
  • Retro Analog
  • Hip Hop
  • Modern Pop
And much, much more!


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

75% Off 'Drums of the Deep' by Auddict (Epic Percussion & Cinematic Drums Sample Library)



75% off “Drums of the Deep” by Auddict (Kontakt VST/AU/AAX)

“Drums of the Deep” by Auddict is a library of original cinematic drums for Kontakt 4 and above ranging from small to earth-shudderingly huge.
A number of the drums recorded for this collection are originals used regularly on major film scores, and now you can have these exact same instruments at your fingertips!

12GB of Epic Percussion with 10 Types of Cinematic Drums (from small to huge!)

From heart-pounding action set pieces to introducing the next cinematic hero, “Drums of the Deep” by Auddict  will take your next film/game score or trailer track to the next level! The sheer power, urgency and emotion these drums will bring to your productions will command attention!
This library includes the following instruments:
  • Taiko 60″
  • Taiko 28″
  • Deep Bass Drum
  • Verdi Bass Drum
  • Dhol
  • Djembe
  • Djun-djun
  • Ship Bell
  • Tabor
  • Tam-tam
Also included is an exclusive extra Bass Drum & Taiko set (two patches), recorded exclusively for this deal!

So What Exactly Can I Do With “Drums of the Deep”?

Drums of the Deep is a stunning percussion library with a full, rich sound (thanks to that endlessly customisable 7 mic set up!). With it’s carefully chosen selection of deeply-sampled epic cinematic drums you’re getting a library that’s perfectly suited for, but not limited to:
  • Underscore – light underscore music or more powerful action sequences!
  • Cinematic/Trailer – grab the audience’s attention with epic, huge sounding cinematic tracks!
  • Video Games – direct the gamer’s attention to imminent danger with driving percussion!
And much, much more!
N.B. Requires the FULL retail version of Kontakt 4 or higher (not compatible with Player)


Used in Titanfall 2 by Composer Stephen Barton

Drums of the Deep was recently used by composer Stephen Barton in the award winning, triple A video game “Titanfall 2”.
Drums of the Deep has become a staple in my template for its flexibility and the breadth of sonic possibilities and images available from the microphones; it is a joy to use. Cannot recommend Auddict’s libraries highly enough.” – Stephen Barton



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