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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

75% Off 'Drums of the Deep' by Auddict (Epic Percussion & Cinematic Drums Sample Library)



75% off “Drums of the Deep” by Auddict (Kontakt VST/AU/AAX)

“Drums of the Deep” by Auddict is a library of original cinematic drums for Kontakt 4 and above ranging from small to earth-shudderingly huge.
A number of the drums recorded for this collection are originals used regularly on major film scores, and now you can have these exact same instruments at your fingertips!

12GB of Epic Percussion with 10 Types of Cinematic Drums (from small to huge!)

From heart-pounding action set pieces to introducing the next cinematic hero, “Drums of the Deep” by Auddict  will take your next film/game score or trailer track to the next level! The sheer power, urgency and emotion these drums will bring to your productions will command attention!
This library includes the following instruments:
  • Taiko 60″
  • Taiko 28″
  • Deep Bass Drum
  • Verdi Bass Drum
  • Dhol
  • Djembe
  • Djun-djun
  • Ship Bell
  • Tabor
  • Tam-tam
Also included is an exclusive extra Bass Drum & Taiko set (two patches), recorded exclusively for this deal!

So What Exactly Can I Do With “Drums of the Deep”?

Drums of the Deep is a stunning percussion library with a full, rich sound (thanks to that endlessly customisable 7 mic set up!). With it’s carefully chosen selection of deeply-sampled epic cinematic drums you’re getting a library that’s perfectly suited for, but not limited to:
  • Underscore – light underscore music or more powerful action sequences!
  • Cinematic/Trailer – grab the audience’s attention with epic, huge sounding cinematic tracks!
  • Video Games – direct the gamer’s attention to imminent danger with driving percussion!
And much, much more!
N.B. Requires the FULL retail version of Kontakt 4 or higher (not compatible with Player)


Used in Titanfall 2 by Composer Stephen Barton

Drums of the Deep was recently used by composer Stephen Barton in the award winning, triple A video game “Titanfall 2”.
Drums of the Deep has become a staple in my template for its flexibility and the breadth of sonic possibilities and images available from the microphones; it is a joy to use. Cannot recommend Auddict’s libraries highly enough.” – Stephen Barton



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