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Heavyocity Media's Mosaic Bass is the third release in the Mosaic Series line of virtual instruments.


This is Main Interface for MOSAIC BASS
  (Access to 6 main pages of controls for the MOSAIC instrument located at the top of page)
In the Center you will find the Macro Knob that controls 6 effects parameters.

This is the ARP PAGE
Allows you to activate and manipulate an arpeggiator per channel.

(This is where you'll find the Punish knob, Master EQ, and other fx.)

The Details of the Other Pages are covered in the Review below.


Heavyocity Media is located in the heart of the Covid-19 outbreak, New York City. Even during a pandemic, it has not slowed them up. Heavyocity even managed to release a low-cost library of percussive and melodic loops where 100% of the proceeds would go to UNICEF, Artist Relief, and the Food Bank of NYC . During their #StayHome campaign, Heavyocity raised over $10,000. On day one, I picked this library up and its value is well over the starting donation price point of $10. I thought I would share this fact, because you can still donate

As I said above, Heavyocity kept moving forward and producing during these crazy times. The third chapter in their Mosaic series is a synth Bass instrument and comes with 197 presets recorded from 110 sound sources.

The layout of the interface is set up the same way as the other Mosaic instruments. There are six pages located at the top of the interface listed as Mixer, Control, Options, Arp, Macro Seq, and Master FX.

You will find the Macro Control knob in the center of the Mixer, Control, and Macro Sequencer pages. The Macro knob can control up to six Macro Sliders. The Macro Sliders control the Envelope, Eq, Filter, Drive, Gate, and Space. Below the Macro control knob are three mixer channels where you can browse and select sounds. 

On the Macro Sequencer page, you can control modulation with the Macro Knob by activating it on and off. The options page allows you to browse all 110 sample sound sources and load them into each channel. The sound sources are divided into four categories. There are Synth Sources, Noises & Ambience, Attack Sounds, and Tonal Drones. The Arp page contains three individual arpeggiators that can create intricate rhythmic sequences. The final page I want to go over is the Master FX, where you will find Heavyocity's proprietary Punish knob for compression and saturation. The other fx you'll see are delay, filter, master eq, and reverb.

Heavyocity sampled multiple vintage 1970's modular systems, a Schmidt Synthesizer, Buchla Easel, CS-80, Sequential PRO 3, Waldorf Quantum, VCS3, Hartmann Neuron, and much more. Then they processed it through vintage and modern gear.

When you load the main nki in Mosaic Bass, you'll see it contains two main categories Mellow and Aggressive with three sub-categories Playables, Rhythms, and Pads. The rhythms in my opinion, are worth the price alone. The the whole package is outstanding, but those rhythmic pulses is everything I could hope for in a synth bass library. There's plenty of tension driven presets with throbbing subs, wicked soundscapes, and deep pulsating basses with a John Carpenter impact. It's an ominous hybrid synth bass instrument that holds a gripping punch.

As a film composer or electronic musician, you'll discover that Mosaic Bass is a very versatile tool kit for many types of music. It's not only a resourceful library to add some unnerving suspense, growl, and texture to your scores, but it also offers some incredibly complex atmospheric pads. I believe this library will become an essential asset to many composers looking for that cinematic edge in the lower register. Whether you are looking for a clean, gritty, aggressive synth bass, you'll find more than enough here. I also paired this with the Mosaic Keys instrument and found the results were sensational. So I can only expect the same from Mosaic Voices.

The third chapter in the Mosaic series is nothing less than intense!

This is available for the Free Kontakt player. So, if you don’t own the full version of Kontakt yet, you can freely use this in the free Kontakt player.

Heavyocity expanded on its Mosaic series and brilliantly struck a nerve. Being isolated during these times clearly brought out an extra layer of emotional expression and ingenuity in the development of this instrument. 

Mosaic Bass rumbled it's way to the top of the Richter scale and hit a magnitude of 

5 Out of 5 Stars !

Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer, Infinite Mindscape, Darkmood, )

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