Saturday, May 23, 2020

NEW: CORTEX by ECHO SEASON for DeepMind 12- Curated by LUFTRUM

Behringer Deepmind 12 Soundset


Soundbank for the DeepMind 12

Taking a deep dive into the heart of the versatile analog hardware Behringer synthesizer DeepMind 12 Cortex weaves a network of evocative and intricate patches that will enliven any production. The soundbank is the third release by Echo Season on the Luftrum brand.

Consisting of 115 patches, Cortex explores the myriad of routing options available within the DeepMind 12. Soothing warm pads provide a backdrop for cyberpunk influenced bass lines. Delicate keys twinkle like stars amid textured soundscapes, as dynamic arpeggios pulse and evolve. Juicy bass and pristine plucks deliver a richness only available through analog.

We invite you to kick back and watch the 1440p Quad HD YouTube video below, blow it up on your 32″ screen and enjoy the spectacular visuals complementing the breathtaking demo track in 9 minutes of pure analog ambient bliss! What you hear in the vid comes from the soundset alone and there's a breakdown in the description, of all the patches used.

Get those connectors out and upload this soundset straight into your neural network, your memory banks will appreciate the extra inspiration!

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