Saturday, May 2, 2020

DEAL: 67% OFF Dronar Orchestral Bundle by Gothic Instruments & Walkthrough

67% off “Dronar Orchestral Bundle” by Gothic Instruments

The “Dronar Orchestral Bundle” consists of three complementary but unique libraries that allow you to craft subtle, rich and evolving pads, atmospheres and pulsating backdrops.

Primarily aimed at Film, TV, Video Game Composers and Sound Designers, these libraries provide you a massive palette of ever-evolving textures to cover all of your scoring requirements!

16GB+ Of Incredible Content To Create Inspiring Soundscapes & Atmospheres!

The “Dronar Orchestral Bundle” is a trio of libraries that is ideally suited to creating subtle, rich and evolving pads, atmospheres and pulsating backdrops that are perfect for many types of modern underscoring duties.
DRONAR Brass  – create organic, evolving atmospheric pads and pulses with a rich brassy core that can convey a mood of peace as well as heroism. A soundtrack from a steampunk brasstopia where synths are made of brass and run on steam power…

  • Includes 248 .nki presets
  • 5.91GB of content compressed from 9GB of audio
  • Sounds range from breathtakingly majestic to ethereal and uplifting
  • 6 pages of simple controls deliver massive control
  • Onboard FX provide further sound design options
DRONAR Distorchestra – a deep, expressive and innovative atmospheric sound creator that uses processed orchestral samples (strings, brass and woodwinds) to create an infinity of complex, organic pad textures.

  • 200+ premium presets hand-crafted by experienced sound designers
  • 5GB core library
  • A one of a kind, processed orchestra at your fingertips
  • 6 pages of simple controls deliver infinite creative potential
  • Save time on creating complex soundscapes which would normally take hours to create
DRONAR World Flutes – Combining rich organic Chinese dizi, Irish whistle, ocarina and pan pipes textures with DRONAR’s deep, expressive and innovative atmospheric sound creation tools, it’ll take you just a few clicks to craft otherworldly yet deeply human atmospheres, pads, soundscapes and more…

  • Includes 192 snapshot presets, 2,535 samples
  • 10GB of content compressed to 6.5GB by Kontakt
  • Craft sounds ranging from dark and ominous to uplifting and hopeful
  • 7 pages of simple yet powerful features deliver massive control
  • Dive deeper with DRONAR’s unique independent arpeggiators



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