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REVIEW: Eduardo Tarilonte's NADA Meditation Sounds by BEST SERVICE



is the latest release by master sound designer Eduardo Tarilonte and is a collection of sounds for Meditation, New Age, and Relaxation Music.

This is the Main Interface of NADA
( Access to patch controls. In order to load up multiple presets in the Engine at once, simply click on add layer and change the midi channel.)

At the top of Engine, you can enter the multiple pages within GUI like Pro Edit, Browser, Mixer, and Preferences.

After a whole life, having gone through many musical styles, one has always been in my heart. Because, deep inside me, it is a significant part of my soul and my essence from which I cannot let go: New Age Music - to which I owe it all; what I am and what I feel. I went from Ethnic, Folk, Antique to Soundtrack music, and every single note I composed or sampled was imbued with it in some way. Sometimes I thought it had left, never to return, but it was always there, dormant and feeding from those new styles and, at the same time, providing them with all its spirit. Now it has returned, more beautiful than ever. NADA is a spiritual voyage through the deepest sounds of my soul” - Eduardo Tarilonte

This is the Browser Page
(Consists a List of all the Presets)


Eduardo Tarilonte is an Award Winning sound designer that I have always admired. His work is so epic and trailblazing that when I heard he was releasing a new library with a New Age music styled theme called 'Nada Meditation Sounds, I was immediately intrigued. I can't remember the first New Age album I bought, but I can tell you this type of music did find its way into my cd collection. I first discovered New Age music shopping for albums by Tangerine Dream. Depending on the store I shopped at, Tangerine Dream would be located in either the popular music, soundtrack, or the New Age category. I considered Tangerine Dream the fathers of electronic synth music, and not traditional New Age music. Like every musical genre, there's always a sub-genre. Nada falls into the traditional New Age genre that invokes a peaceful atmosphere implementing a wide variety of ethnic types of instruments. However, they are Grammy Nominated in the New Age genre, and that is how I discovered other New Age artists like David Arkenstone, Patrick O' Hearn, Mars Lasar, and many more. New Age is a smaller niche of music, but the emotion behind the sound does reach the soul. When I would describe this style of music to my friends back in the '80s, I would say it was 'thinking music' or music you can relax too. So, in other words, I was trying to say, music for meditation. Almost every night when I was a teen, I would fall asleep to either, a New Age album or Film score Soundtrack, and consequently, it would create some vivid dreams.
Eduardo Tarilonte took action to tap into this world and received some nice endorsements by world-renowned artists David Arkenstone and Kitaro. To make a long story shorter, New Age music has had an influence in some of my own songwriting and with this release I was excited to hear it.

Nada runs in the free Best Service Engine, contains 440 sounds, and is designed from 9,000 samples. The library is expertly produced and includes a vast amount of instruments that should inspire composers, new age artists, and electronic musicians to implement sounds not widely available. The categories of instruments that are included in Nada is Strings (Plucked/Bowed), Winds, Percussions (Pitched/Unpitched), Pianos (Digital/White Upright Piano), Voices (Real/Synth Voices), and Meditation Pads. The collection of unique ethnic instruments is abundant throughout the library.

In the 'Strings' section, you'll find Eastern Harps, a Japanese Koto, Indian Tanpura Drones, Ethnic Violin, Classical Violin, and Viola da Gamba.

Within 'Winds' you'll find a Bamboo Flute, Indian Low Bansuri, Concert Alto Flute, Concert Flute, Cornett, Chinese Dizi, Duduk, Eastern Double Reed, English Flagelote High, English Flagelote Low, Chinese Hulusi, Panpipes, Shakuhachi, Small Wooden Flute, and Wooden Flute. Some of the wind instruments contain up to 11 phrases per note.

Inside 'Percussion' there are Balafon, Crotales, Crystal Singing Bowls, Dream Bells, Glasses, Kalimba, Music Box, Meditation Bells, Meditation Crystal Bowls, Meditation Tibetan Bowls, Temple Bells, Tibetan Bells, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Cymbal, Ghatam, Planet Gong, Hand Sleigh Bell, Metal Plate, Rainstick, Tabla (Baya and Daya), Tibetan Finger Bells, and Wind Chimes.

The voices inside Nada are beautiful, captivating, and ethereal. They include Overtone Singing featuring Moisés Pérez & Joaquín Manjón from MuOM. 'Voice of Silence' features Ana Duble with true legato and close to 300 phrases. The synth voices include Crystal voices, Meditation Choir, Sacred Choir, Voices of Eternity, and Voices of Light.

 'Meditation Pads' contains 200 mesmerizing soundscapes split into 16 different categories. 

One other detail about the presets that I should note is that many of them contain variations of the same preset.

The sounds in Nada need to be experienced. They  transport the listener on a journey of solace. It can also be an excellent tool to accompany other libraries to create a world of pure escapism and emotion. I combined this library with other Eduardo Tarilonte libraries, and all I can say is, it opened up a whole other world of sonic adventures.

 If you're wondering about CPU power, I did test it on two different computers (desktop/laptop Intel 7 -16/12 GB of memory) loading up a half a dozen presets in the Engine at once and had no extreme CPU spikes. I have heard some feedback that they wished Nada was a Kontakt instrument. Even though I love Kontakt, I have no issue using the Best Service Engine. It doesn't take long to get accustomed to it. Nada is well designed, intuitive, and easily understood. There is a simple activation process before using the library, but the great thing is, the library is available to everyone with no other software to buy.

Nada is expansive, unique, and authentic. It delivers a gorgeous experience and covers every tool you would need to compose a soul-stirring, thought-provoking piece of music.

If you'd like to embark on a journey of enlightenment and add some tranquility to your productions, Nada is a treasure trove of grandeur.

5 out of 5 Stars !






Written by Steve Montgomery 
(Composer,Infinite Mindscape, Darkmood )

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