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REVIEW: DesignCap - Killer Poster Maker for Musicians & More


Sample Sound Review shares a software that impressed us with it's ease of professional graphic design. 

It's a little different for us to share a software like this, but we feel it can be of some great use to many of our readers.

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When it comes to print design, posters are one of the most interesting projects. Music is one of the things that enhances creativity. When designing posters for music events, we will be inspired by the music, songs, and themes of upcoming events.

The style of the poster needs to match the band or the artists. The result must be compelling for viewers. The goal of the poster is to communicate important information clearly and efficiently. We need to find a creative way to convey the message while looking for balance and having a compelling finished work of art.

Today, I’m going to introduce you DesignCap poster maker for designing a poster for music events.

Overview of DesignCap Music Poster Maker Online 

DesignCap poster maker is a perfect tool for anyone who is looking for a fun way to play with images by creating motivational posters, movie posters, music posters, and notices of all kinds, with high-quality.

Thus, you will be able to play with images of yourself in an unconventional way. To create the most diverse types of posters, either to make a humorous intervention in your photographs or to add a serious and useful message for your daily life (boards for companies, schools, clubs, etc.).

For this, you won’t need to worry about operational details such as the layout of the image on the page, poster size, or the layout itself, as all of this is done well by the program with its numerous professionally designed poster templates.

For music fans, if you always wanted to create your music posters, but never imagined how you could get your work organized professionally, this is your chance to innovate and impress the public with your creations.

How to use

DesignCap’s interface was pretty straightforward and easy to use for even the most inexperienced users.

Get started

Right when opening the program, you must choose whether to make a new music poster or from a preset template. These templates are divided into many categories like education, holiday, party, movie, and so on.

Get your music poster customized

From a chosen template, you are free to replace the photo with any image stored on your computer or use one from its online resources of millions. Like online photo resources, DesignCap offers millions of icons as well. Search one with a keyword and choose once you like finally. And later apply image effect, resize, or move it to anywhere to decorate your music poster great. 

Text part would be one of the most important in the poster. Change text font styles, size, alignments, color, and other properties to complete the design. It’s optional to change the background of your creation. There are many beautiful image patterns in DesignCap poster maker. Once everything is completed, it’s ready to print. 

Print or Save 

DesignCap enables you to print your posters directly in the app, which allows you to make ad-caved adjustments with an additional printing utility.

However, if you prefer, you can still save the results of your creation in JPG, PNG, and PDF formats, to later print using your favorite printing program or even send by e-mail and distribute to friends. You can also share it online anywhere with the produced URL. 

Our Review about DesignCap

The program does not present any complicated configuration. Its tools are pretty easy to use and do not require specialized knowledge in image manipulation, as the system brings everything ready for the user to apply an image and customize it as they prefer.

DesignCap was reformulated with many features and became a first-level application online. It ends up representing a good use for those who don’t have much time and also for those who do expect to produce more elaborate and professional music posters


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