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Introducing the next chapter in 8DIO's line of Hybrid Tools.


This is the Main PHENEX GUI (Browser Interface)

(This allows Access to Sound Sculpting Controls, Sequencer, Gate, Random, Stack, and Chaos Effects Engine.)

Sequencer Interface

(Create rhythms or patterns with the Arpeggiator)



8DIO has been at the forefront of hybrid tool scoring instruments for years. 8DIO stated that PHENEX was more "musical at its heart" using an array of vintage synthesizers to create a more musical playable instrument. Having owned several of their Hybrid Tools libraries, this sounded like a perfect path to take.
I have so many trailer fx libraries that I was looking forward to hearing something fresh in the hybrid universe. PHENEX comes in a bundle or two separate discounted priced libraries. There are Phenex Modular Analog Effects & Tools and Phenex Modular Analog Basses, Pads & Strings. However, I'll be reviewing these together inside the bundle.

The PHENEX Bundle weighs in 21.82 GB Installed using 4,500+ Samples. The category of NKI instruments is as follows Analog Basses, Analog Pads, Analog Strings, Vocal Loops, Vocal Pads, Cybernetic Banks, Mutation Banks, Xperiments, and another folder of expertly sound crafted ready to use Presets.

PHENEX is great on its own or in conjunction with 8DIO's other hybrid scoring tools. The Analog Pads and Strings of the library are my absolute favorite. Both sound superb, lush, and enthralling. This library is much more than a cinematic film scoring package. Ambient, Electronica, EDM, and other genres of electronic music artists should find much inspiration in this library. The Analog basses are deep, fat, edgy, and is what you would hear in the latest cinematic trends. The Xperiments impressed me with a considerate amount of dark, ominous, and beautiful textures. Mutation offers two foreboding drones, and Vocal Pads offers a fair amount of ethereal spark to your music. The Cybernetic and Vocal Loops contain some interesting sounding 
sci-fi, industrial-like FX elements.

Like other 8DIO libraries the GUI is clean and easy to find your way around. Inside the interface, you'll see the main browser with a gate function, sequencer section, and chaos effects engine. Below the browser window you'll find six controls (Attack, Release, Speed, Pitch ENV, Glide, & Offset), a random button, and a few other options. 8DIO also provided the unlocked WAV samples for other sound design possibilities including drag and drop into your DAW.

Use the stack function to add layers to the individual presets, and the sequencer to elevate your sound by adding dynamic movement. I used the sequencer (arpeggiator) feature in the Analog Strings category and created an array of powerful, complex evolving phrases. Don't neglect these features, they open up so many additional avenues in augmenting the preset and become something entirely new.

You will have to own the full version of Kontakt to run PHENEX, but don't worry if you haven't upgraded to Kontakt 6 yet, it is compatible with version of Kontakt 5.8.1+. I encountered no CPU issues because PHENEX ran smoothly and efficiently.

8DIO skillfully designed this library combining digital with modular synthesis. It's a significant addition to their hybrid tools series of instruments and surpassed many of my expectations. Looking over the details of each library, I would personally buy the bundle to get the best bang for your buck. However, if you can't afford it, opt for the 

Modular Analog Basses, Pads & Strings volume.

PHENEX is refreshing, immersive, and holds the ability to stimulate a musical vision while accelerating your creative flow.


Written by Steve Montgomery
 'Inifinite Mindscape & Darkmood)

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