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MOTION KEYS by Sample Logic is a fresh new approach to the world of keyboards and pianos that utilize organic motion and sound-shaping possibilities, unlike any other keyboard instrument.


This is the Main Interface that contains the all four cores and XY Mixer.

This is the the Step-Animator page that is the 2nd page in the interface.

The 3rd page of the GUI contains the four Core FX Section.

The 4th Page contains the MASTER FX Section.

This is the tagging browser preset page that is accessed by clicking on the preset instrument name on the front page of the interface.


Sample Logic continues to explore new ways to reinvent virtual instrument technology. Near the end of 2019, they released Cinematic Guitars Motion, which was a new evolution in their cinematic guitar series. Expanding from their Cinematic Keys library, they kicked off this year with Motion Keys. An innovative Kontakt instrument turning keyboards and pianos into creative sequences. Motion Keys shares the same engine as Cinematic Guitars Motion. It weighs in at 12 GB, contains 10,400 samples, and includes 480 presets/multi-sampled instruments. The complexity of this library is deep, but getting around the interface is simple. You aren't slowed down by a cluttered hard to see GUI. You can work fast, and the tagging system is something you'll find very useful when searching for a particular preset. For instance, if you want an evolving pad or something hybrid, just narrow it down by clicking on the tag descriptions. Another part of the engine I appreciate is having the ability to randomize all four cores, FX, Master FX, and all parameters. This type of randomization gives you infinite combinations that can spark your creative process quickly. The presets that come within Motion Keys are abundant, useful, and powerfully moving right out of the box. However, you'll also discover an incredible amount of new inspiring sounds when you begin to experiment with randomization, and swapping out the sound source samples.You see, once you dig into the instrument, it never ends, and could be a solution for anyone suffering from writers' block. However, you don't have to use all four cores, it's just an option. You'll find in the center of the first page of the interface, is an XY Mixer, with a play and record option. The XY controller allows you to adjust the mix between each of the four cores, consists of mixing controls, effects, and you can apply automation to a mixer sequence.

On the second page, you'll have access to the Step Animator. Each core has it's own step animator that can be activated or deactivated. The number of elements in the step-animator can be altered and elaborate as one needs it to be. Changing sequences, velocity, speed, direction, transpose, length, stutter, midi drag/drop, and more is all available in the Step Animator Core View.

The third page contains the FX options for each core. Six effects can be applied to each core, with a maximum of twenty-two studio effects available. 

The fourth page is the Master FX section, where you can apply the mastering effects to your final mix.

How does it Sound ?

Motion Keys was instantaneously exhilarating from the very first preset. The production value of Sample Logic is always at the top of their field, but something about Motion Keys that grabbed me vividly. The pianos sound striking, and Sample Logic sampled a robust amount of sound sources. They recorded Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, Vintage Keyboards, Digital Keyboards, Synths, Accordions, Harpsichords, Organs, and even Toy Pianos. Sample Logic hit the mark with the sound design in Motion Keys. 
The presets are stimulating, expressive, contain ambiances, lush pads, and plenty of melodic rhythmic motion.

This is a versatile instrument that can be used to score almost any genre. However, it's not just for film scoring, you can use it for many other electronic music productions, like Synthwave, Retrowave, ambient, Chillwave, EDM, New Age, and much more.

Motion Keys is compatible with the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1. or later, so if you haven't upgraded to Kontakt 6, you won't have to worry about upgrading for this library to work.

Finally, I'm extremely impressed with Sample Logic's Motion Keys and believe it's an influential tool for anyone looking to stimulate their musical perception. Not only is it an alluring instrument, but it's an expansive library stocked full of dynamic energy.




Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer/Infinite Mindscape/Darkmood)

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