Monday, February 17, 2020


WAVE is String Audio's new Kontakt Instrument and is powered by their new state-of-the-art Engine used for the extremely successful library Signs. 

WAVE is even more powerful loaded with all new exciting features of Kontakt 6, like Wavetables, the new stunning FX like Replika delay and Flair and the possibility to import your own samples! 

You can use one of the 394 pre-programmed snapshots (presets) or easily create your own using our award-winning Randomize Engine.

Six Layers, seven independent LFO and five dedicated FX for layers 1-2-3 and five independent LFO and two dedicated FX for layers 4-5-6 plus the possibility to further sculpt the sound with the six Convolvers of the Color Engine for a total of an impressive 63 total simultaneous LFOs, FX and Convolvers.

Powered by their brand new Kontakt Engine

2+ GB of Sample Material

1+ GB of Impulse Responses
200+ Multi-Sampled Sounds

640+ Unique Samples

390+ Snapshots (Presets)

63 Simultaneous LFO/FX/CONVOLVERS

Six Layers

Color Engine - 6 Convolvers - 328 Impulse Responses

Powerful Randomize Engine

Import your own samples

Introductory Discounted Price Available Only For a Few Days.

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