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ultraSPHERE by Sample Logic- Review | Walkthrough | Playthrough

ultraSPHERE by Sample Logic- Review | Walkthrough | Playthrough

ultraSPHERE Soundscape Designer is a brand new developed tool designed for creating cinematic soundscapes that transcend the conventional boundaries of music and sound design.  With state-of-the-art sound sculpting technologies and versatile modules, ultraSPHERE empowers you to meticulously craft and mold your sonic vision with unparalleled precision. 


Please Watch the video Review, Walkthrough, and Playthrough Below the written Review below.


ultraSPHERE by Sample Logic is a ground breaking virtual instrument that runs in a new engine exclusively created by Sample Logic and years in the making. 

It's packed with over 1,700 instruments and presets, featuringo over 10GB of sample content, including 1,520 audio files. Its powerful 4-core sample engine, combined with an intelligent X/Y mixer automation, ensures seamless and dynamic sound manipulation. Plus, with the UltraBand Sound Sculptor, mixing and blending cores becomes a breeze. On top of that, you get a dual ARP sequencer and chord player, adding even more depth and creativity to your compositions.

From the moment I began playing it, I was entranced by the sheer depth and versatility of its sonic palette. The range in the soundscapes is hypnotic. It allows you to conjure up a full rage of soundscapes that include ethereal, rhythmic, dark, edgy, and much more. The attention to detail in each sound is truly impressive, with rich layers and intricate modulation adding an organic, evolving quality to every patch.

One of the things that really sets ultraSPHERE apart is its intuitive interface. Despite the complexity under the hood, the sound design features become empowering and creative abilities to shape sounds is top notch in this engine.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect of Ultrasphere is its ability to inspire creativity and get lost in sonic exploration. This new virtual instrument is perfect for Cinematic underscoring, Ambient music, New Age, and more. Sample Logic's new sample UltraEngine runs smooth and was easy on my CPU. Loading up presets was instant, never pausing inspiration.

In conclusion, ultraSPHERE is highly recommended for any composer, producer, or electronic musician looking to add inspiring soundscapes. With its unparalleled depth and creative potential, it's sure to become an indispensable tool in your musical toolkit.







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