Saturday, April 20, 2024

NEW RELEASE: Damage Analog Hybrid Drums by Heavyocity

Analog Hybrid Drums by Heavyocity


Heavyocity Announces Release of Analog Hybrid Drums

A new era of DAMAGE percussion fusing maximum impact with raw intensity. Crafted from iconic analog equipment and organic recordings, meticulously curated and aggressively sculpted, Analog Hybrid Drums epitomizes refined aggression fused with organic playability and cutting-edge analog gear. Containing over 200 deeply sampled sources and over 575 loops all housed in the notorious Damage 2 engine, Analog Hybrid Drums delivers a punchy, man-meets-machine made, artistically curated sound palette infused with attitude and aggression, making it an essential for modern music production. Much like Damage 2, all of the content in Analog Hybrid Drums works in three distinct instruments (Ensemble Designer, Loop Designer, and Kit Designer), each providing a uniquely inspiring and customizable workflow.

Analog Hybrid Drums boasts an extensive library of over 25,000 samples and 16 GB of meticulously crafted sounds, offering an unparalleled range of percussive possibilities. From heavy-hitting tracks to cinematic masterpieces, these drums redefine the boundaries of percussion and explore a new generation of music-making. Hand-picked by the Heavyocity team, each sound is methodically captured from highly sought-after analog equipment and organic percussion elements, ensuring a contemporary edge. Synths like the Soma Pulsar-23, Metasonix R54, R53, R51 modules, and Moog Minitaur, DFAM, Mother-32, and Make Noise Modules  were carefully utilized, alongside outboard effects gear such as the Sherman Filterbank II, Metasonix TX-3, Thermionic Culture Vulture, and Black Box HG-2 and more. Injected with Heavyocity's renowned sound design techniques, the result is a collection of unique, character-rich percussion that pushes the boundaries of creativity.


“As musicians and creators, we're constantly driven by the desire to push boundaries and redefine what's possible in music production.” said Ari Winters, Creative Director, Heavyocity. “With Analog Hybrid Drums, we've combined our passion for innovation with our expertise in sound design to offer a truly unique percussion experience.”

As a “powered-by-Kontakt” instrument Analog Hybrid Drums offers all playback and sound-shaping functionality through the full version of Kontakt 6 or the free Kontakt 6 Player.

Analog Hybrid Drums  - $149 USD
Limited-Time Analog Hybrid Drums Offer - $119 USD
Limited-Time Analog Hybrid Drums Offer for Damage or Damage 2 owners - $99 USD

Offers End: April 30, 2024











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