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REVIEW: Damage Analog Hybrid Drums by Heavyocity

REVIEW: Damage Analog Hybrid Drums by Heavyocity

 Heavyocity Damage Analog Hybrid Drums is the 3rd library in the Damage pack series,  and runs in the Free Kontakt Player. Watch the Review, Walkthrough, and Playthrough at the bottom of the written Review.

Analog Hybrid Drums by Heavyocity is the 3rd Damage expansion stand alone instrument.
  It takes the raw power of analog gear and mixes it with some seriously intense sounds. 
What does it include?
They've loaded it up with over 217 percussion sample sources and includes 576 loops to play with, covering a ton of different styles. From hard-hitting beats to intricate rhythms.

The instrument operates in the Damage engine, giving you three unique instruments to play with. Plus, there are loads of options to customize your sound and make it your own. Even though it sounds pretty intense, Analog Hybrid Drums still feels natural to play. 
It runs in the Free Native Instruments Kontakt player. So if you don't own the full version of Kontakt yet, don't worry, you don't have to purchase any other software to use this library. 
They've handpicked some seriously cool analog gear to make this thing sound awesome.
They carefully chose each piece of analog gear, like the Metasonix Modular Units, Moog Modular, Soma Pulsar-23, Sherman Filterbank II, and Thermionic Culture Vulture, that gives the sound a modern twist.  Heavyocity's amazing sound design methods creates another striking release.

With over 25,000 samples and 16 GB of content, you can use this thing in many different genres. Whether you're making heavy electronic tracks, industrial metal, cyberpunk, and of course cinematic scores, it has everything you need.
Analog Hybrid Drums reshapes percussion by blending the timeless warmth of analog with a contemporary edge. There's absolutely no doubt that this library provides an incredible surge of rhythmic inspiration poised to endure for years to come.


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