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Get your hands on a true iconic baby grand piano “THE OESER”, our first custom made virtual piano instrument for the Native Instruments Komplete platform. Our beloved old lady is situated in our lounge and has been used daily for songwriting at our studio!

Up until the restoration the 150 years old piano played like an antique typewriter, but already had more character than Elton John. Therefore we made sure to maintain the beautiful character of the piano whilst fine tuning every key-mechanic to survive our extensive recording process. And boy, did we succeeded. Give this old baby a spin and get inspired! We guarantee you can’t stop playing!

We even went beyond that by creating a sample pack with beautiful percussive and weird sounds. This all with the goal to create one of the best virtual piano instruments available!

When you buy our virtual piano instrument “THE OESER” you will get THE OESER sample pack for free!

THE OESER is designed for seamless integration with Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboards & the free Kontakt Player

THE OESER can be downloaded and installed by entering the provided Serial Number in Native Access


THE OESER Pure: You get the experience as if you are sitting in front of the actual instrument in the lounge at Key Productions. Diligently selected microphones and preamps are carefully measured to get the best placement. This way you get great control of the sound, without messing up the phase. Furthermore we have sampled each individual note many times to create a dynamic velocity range matching the original Oeser. Therefore, this is our piano in its purest form.

THE OESER Felted: A lot of our visitors fall in love with the intimate sound of the baby grand piano when you bring the felt into play. So we sampled the felted keys as extensive as THE OESER Pure, to give you that romantic sound. Unquestionably, this piano setup will be the inspiration for many love songs.

THE OESER Muted: This instrument is recorded while muting the strings by hand. This will give you numerous producing options and a great new sound experience. Experience how our piano sings! Together with another THE OESER instrument this is a great sounding combination. Also you can combine it with any other piano library you own; or use it as a soundscaping instrument.

THE OESER Picked: A fun way to explore another great sound pianos can produce if you get creative. “THE OESER Picked” is picked by the hand of a great guitarist. He carefully selected the best pick for this piano and recorded each string in several velocities not playing the keys but picking the strings with a guitar pick! This will give you complete control of the piano in a whole new way. Mix this instrument with other libraries to explore the endless possibilities. 

The Natural Experience: We believe this snapshot represents the true nature of the Oeser. Identically matching the sound we experience in our lounge. Super dynamic response, clear overtones and just enough “room” to let this baby breathe. 

A Romantic Moment: We made this especially to unveil the warmth of the Oeser. With slightly more heavy key action you are able to explore the lower velocity range and experience the body of the sound it has. Therefore we have damped the high frequencies by the lid to give this piano a more intimate sound.
Get Underneath: The sound of a piano is depending on the soundboard, which functions as the bottom of a grand piano. If you want to be submerged in the sound, you should try laying underneath a piano if you have the chance. We positioned two microphones underneath the piano, close to the soundboard to give you this great experience. As a matter of fact, this is our signature sound for all our pianos. Because it enhances any other microphone setup with great character. You can probably spice up any piano library you already own with this snapshot.

Attack This: Bring the old lady to life! Now we can finally beat the piano to make it work for any rock or pop song. As we can’t put this much strain on the original Oeser, any modern master keyboard can certainly handle the pressure. And boy, it turned out she has a lot of presence to spice up any song.
The Couch Experience: The fifth snapshot we made is also a great one. As musicians at our studio use the Oeser for playing and jamming during waiting time on recording days, as listeners we are used to the great sound the old baby gives us in our lounge. To emulate this we made this snapshot which will give you the experience you are sitting in our actual lounge a couple of meter away from the Oeser which is played.







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