Thursday, May 12, 2022



ADSR Drum Machine is a beat making workhorse. 

Its intuitive interface including 16 pads above a tabbed Browser, Sound & FX, Sequencer and Mixer panel allows you to build a kit and lay down a beat straight out of the box.

It has everything you need and expect in a modern drum plugin.

So, what’s the buzz? Creative onboard processing is where ADSR Drum Machine comes in to its own. A 3 stage envelope, per pad pitching and per pad multi channel processing set a new standard to tune your drum kit before and as you start playing.

ADSR have built in the ability to split every pad into a separate transient and body which means you can clean, calibrate and enhance your samples right as you’re working on your beat. 
You can get grooving straight away with 50+ kits featuring 800 unique patterns and royalty free samples across 10 popular genres. Flip your workflow in the best way possible and discover the clarity of going into a track with a perfectly polished rhythm section vs. the infirmity of revisiting your drums later in your DAW. 

Over 10 years servicing a community of music producers, sound designers and DJ’s gives ADSR a uniquely informed perspective.

Hence why ADSR Drum Machine is focused on features that remove creative friction, minimize wasted time, and maximize the space for the joy of making ADSR Drum Machine available for Mac and Windows as Standalone, AU and VST3 from May 12 exclusively from ADSR 

Features Highlight
Intuitive interface - colour-coded, 3-tab design with visual programming

  3 stage envelope (Transient - Hold - Decay) tuned for drums and percussion.
 Split, Process & Bus all pads

  Easily split each pad into a transient and body section 
 The transient and body sections each have their own channel along with their own FX lane

  3 band Parametric EQ, Compressor, filter, Distortion & Phaser 
Sequencer with up to 16 patterns/4 pages per lane
 Extensive library of kits, samples and sequences
Pricing US$69 
with a limited time introductory price of $49 for the first 30 days until June 10, 2022.
  Users can also take advantage of a fully featured 30 day trial 
Get FREE $49 Value Plugin with any Purchase


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