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In our search for push music forward, ‘Crescent’ is our latest bet in our philosophy of bringing music and instruments closer to YOU, the composer.

‘Crescent’ consists of a Cellos Quartet on a ‘crescent moon’ formation (semi circle), and this is where the whole sonic trip starts.

Thanks to our recording and mixing techniques, we’ve managed to create a library that will immerse your listeners in a next-level experience. With confidence, we can say there’s nothing like this around, anywhere.

And because immersion has many levels, we have mixed this library so that you can feel the most of it, whether you want to be completely surrounded by Cellos, to having a small Cellos section in front of you (with all the in-betweens!).

And when we talk immersion, we are talking of any speaker array, you will feel the Cellos embracing you whether you’re using headphones, stereo speakers, all the way up to Surround or even Dolby Atmos setups.

Now let’s talk about TRUE PANNING - ‘Crescent’ is the only strings library that allows you to freely place your sections anywhere around you, without having to hard pan anything - complete real results that fit your needs.

True Panning completely phases out the stereo hard-panning that provides sub-standard results when it comes to having your strings sections organised in any fashion you might want. Regardless of you using Stereo or Surround arrays, True Panning’s results are completely real and override the old stereo hard-panning.

Finally, we have completely re-designed a polyphonic legato that will work perfect for those composers who play music live - no longer will you need to create 4 tracks on the DAW and then be enslaved by the mouse - with ‘Crescent’ you can simply sit on your MIDI Controller, and play complete polyphonic legato, switch legato types, switch articulations, use as many voices as you want, and never have to look at the computer. 

The Recording Phase

From Spot microphones, to Stereo pairs to multiple Ambisonics positions, we made sure to track the recording from as many places as possible to be able to prepare a product that, as whole, contains a whooping 13 perspectives! Keep reading to learn more about them.
4 Mono Spots.

Spot microphones were placed close to each of the Cellos. Each of the Spots contains a unique dry colour and can work great for extreme-close feeling.
4 Stereo Mixes.

Four Stereo mixes were created to try and cover the basic needs of most composers. A production-ready Mix provides instant results for those composers who don’t want to spend time tweaking the sound, additionally, a Close, Mid and Far mix provide a wide variety of colours that can adapt to most types of music. 

5 Immersive Perspectives.

And here’s where things become completely real! Five immersive mixes prepared and delivered fully in Ambisonics, contain real three-dimensional representations of different perspectives that will offer you not only completely different levels of immersion, but also TRUE PANNING possibilities! Regardless of you working in Stereo, Binaural, Surround and even Atmos setups, true panning is complete realism, nothing is emulated, and if you are on a stereo setup, you can use our free ‘ab Decoder Light’ to quickly pan the signal with utmost realism.

A 180° Immersive Mix creates a half-surround immersive experience with the quartet. Here, you can feel as if the instruments were from your left to your right, in front of you.

A 180° Presence Immersive Mix works just like the 180° Mix, but the instruments have much more presence so their colour is much drier.

A 360° Immersive Mix puts you right in the middle of the quartet, where you can feel the sound all around you.

A 360° Presence Immersive Mix works just like the 360° Mix, but the instruments have much more presence so their colour is much drier.

An Audience Mix places the quartet right in front of you, for a more localized sound - a great way to be able to pan the quartet in the sonic field.

‘Crescent’ comes in Stereo and Ambisonics

So it’s compatible with any speaker array configuration.

Recorded, mixed and delivered in Ambisonics and Stereo.

31 Articulations + 8 with Polyphonic Legato (slow and fast Portamento).

Full-polyphonic Legato

Pristine 24bit / 48kHz resolution.

Stereo + Ambisonics: 50GB compressed to 27GB (lossless). Over 22.000 samples

Requires full version of Kontakt 6.2.1 or above

Intro Price: 99,00 Euro (Ends 20 June)
Price: 149,00 Euro


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