Thursday, February 17, 2022

New Release: Sonic Underworld Convergence for Repro-5 & Curated by Luftrum

Sonic Underworld Convergence for Repro-5 & Curated by Luftrum
Convergence for Repro-5
At the intersection of analog and digital, Convergence for Repro-5 is a discrete blend of cinematic futurism and retro nostalgia. 
Created by Sonic Underworld and curated by Luftrum, this carefully crafted palette of sounds is molded and burnished to form a unified whole – all firmly rooted in the warmth of virtual analog and tinged with a sprinkling of digital. 
Convergence is a sonic alchemy of disparate yet inseparable elements of light and dark. This synergy of sound provides a contemporary cinematic atmosphere as shadows cast by impossibly large structures loom large – and wide bands of light trace themselves across a forgotten technological landscape. Dystopic or Utopic – the choice is ultimately yours depending on the mood that strikes you. 
Convergence contains dark ambient pads, asymmetric atmospheres, stark soundscapes and cinematic FX. You will also find analog leads, delicately dark keys and a plethora of electrostatic synths that bristle with life. Punchy muscular bass and numerous pulsing synth sequences provide useful jumping-off points for your next track. Influences are composers such as Tom Raybould (The Machine), Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein (Stranger Things), Sinoia Caves (Beyond the Black Rainbow) and artists such as Richard Barbieri, Boards of Canada, Air and Solar Fields. 
This fusion of forces is both equally bold and subtle, familiar and surprising. Whether you are creating ambient, EDM or scoring your next project, Convergence offers something for everyone to add a bit of fresh character to their mix. 
Totaling 140 patches and sorted by category – Convergence is easily navigated and is primed for expressivity, with modwheel, velocity and aftertouch assignments (when appropriate). As always, several dB of headroom is reserved at max velocity and the set is fully NKS compatible. Convergence requires Repro v1.1.2. 

Dive in the playlist below with 17 cinematic demo tracks, all created using patches from Convergence. Some of the demos have a ‘naked’ and a ‘dressed’ version available, so you can listen to the tracks created using only patches from the set or played along with other elements (drums, strings, fx, etc.).
If you are not familiar with the synth, then Repro by U-He is a meticulously recreation of two famous hardware synthesizers in one product: Repro-5, based on the famous Prophet-5 synth, and Repro-1 which is a recreation of the legendary Pro One mono synth from 1981 (Vince Clarke’s favourite synth).
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