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Heavyocity Aspire Modern Mallets reviews

Heavyocity Aspire Modern Mallets

11.66 GB uncompressed (5.44 GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)

Powered by the Kontakt 6.6.1 Engine
Kontakt 6.6.1 (Player) or later
Komplete Kontrol integrated (NKS-ready)
Available as direct download only
Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX


(Access to Settings, Source, Modulate, Arp, Echoes, FX, & Convolve)




(Add modulation by a tempo-synced convolution effect)




Heavyocity expands their incredible ASCEND engine to release a powerfully-useful mallet library called ASPIRE. If you are familiar with the ASCEND layout, you will certainly know your way around the library, but if you don't, we'll cover all the basics; so you know exactly how it works.
Heavyocity deeply sampled a marimba and vibraphone and processed the performances with their impressive sound design. They recorded sixteen sound sources in four categories: (Marimba, Vib Long, Vib Muted, and Sustained). The Marimba and Vibes include three different mic positions; close, room, and under mic. There is also a PPP (pianissimo layer) for very soft, delicate playing. The other sources are in the sustained category that includes Bowed Vib, Grained (Granular), Shine (Granular), and Clouds (Ambient). These allow you to create evolving ambiences, pads, and rich textures. This mallet percussion library was developed for the modern composer to produce the next-level hybrid scoring instrument.

The Main Interface is designed with a 2D triangular mixer that can blend between three different sound sources in a various ways. At the bottom section, you will find seven sub-page controls: 1. Settings (where you can alter the velocity curve and stereo image) 2. Source (Browse and load different sounds into the three channels) 3. Modulate (add extra levels of modulation and control to the mixer) 4. ARP (create rhythmic broken chord sequences) 5. Echoes (MIDI delay and note generation effect) 6. FX (Global Master Effects) 7. Convolve (add additional modulation by a tempo-synced convolution effect).

Loading up the instrument, you'll see four separate categories accessed from the snapshot drop-down menu. These include All-Stars, Core Mallets, Extended, Rhythmic, and Rhythmic Melodic with a total of 112 custom presets. The 'All-Stars' category is a handful of favorite showcase presets. The 'Core Mallets' are the more traditional type of mallet instruments. The 'Extended' section contains an array of lush pads, dark textures, and beautiful ambiences. The 'Rhythmic' is all about movement that is great for action and tension. 'Rhythmic Melodic' features melody with rhythm perfect for instant cue starters and underscoring.

As I played ASPIRE, I couldn't help think of composers like Thomas Newman and Philip Glass, who have implemented mallet percussion into their compositions beautifully. I believe this library is perfect for many cinematic productions such as Documentaries, Drama, Action, Crime, Thrillers, Romance, and much more.

This library is Kontakt player compatible and is 11.66 GB uncompressed, contains 8,728 Samples, and takes up only 5.44 GB on your hard drive using Native Instruments lossless compression.

ASPIRE retails for only $119, and if you own ASCEND, you can get an additional 20% with a coupon found in your account. I think this is a fair price, even at the regular cost.

I think composers looking to add mallets to their productions with a twist should give ASPIRE a spin. Not only is it stimulating right out of the box, but the engine is practically limitless in creating your own custom presets, and for me, this makes it a valuable investment.

Heavyocity's ASPIRE is a brilliant, ambitious, contemporary mallet library that offers a bountiful amount of creative originality that delves deep into inspiring sound design.







Written by Steve Montgomery

(Composer/Infinite Mindscape/Darkmood)

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