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OMNISPHERE IRAZU by The Very Loud Indeed Co. is a new Cinematic Soundset for the Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 Synthesizer.


 120 Cinematic Patches for Omnisphere 2 divided into 6 Categories

ARP+BPM - 61 Patches

Hits and Bits - 2 Patches

Hybrid Organic - 17 Patches

Pads + Strings - 22 Patches

SFX & Noise- 5 Patches

Textures Soundscape - 10 Patches

(120 Total Patches)

109 Brand New Soundsources



Omnisphere Irazu in the second Omnisphere soundset I'm reviewing by Very Loud Indeed. The company launched in January of 2021, and I recently reviewed Omnisphere Grafos, which impressed me on all levels. You get a total of 120 patches and include an abundance of 109 new soundsources with Omnisphere Irazu.

I read in the description that the soundset was inspired by music scores from composers such as Hans Zimmer (X-Men: Dark Phoenix), Ramin Djawadi (Westworld), Ólafur Arnalds (Broadchurch), Stephen Barton (Titanfall 2), and Hildur Guðnadóttir (Chernobyl).  It seemed like a lot to live up to, but I made sure I paid close attention to the sounds as if they could be part of those scores.

Let me begin with the ARP+BPM patches, which is the largest category in the library. There are 61 arps in total that are full of adventure, action, and suspense. They provide a unique backbone of sequences that I can hear depicted in any modern hybrid score today. I love how Very Loud Indeed meticulously adds rhythmic accents and elements in the arps that fade in and out with the control of the modwheel. The detail in the arps is notable, and if you listen to these with headphones, you'll hear the intricacies in the sound design.

There are only a couple of distorted hybrid hits in the Hits and Bits section, but plenty more in the Hybrid Organic category. You get a great selection that includes hybrid keys, dark drones, distorted basses, guitars, organic leads, and more.

The Pads + Strings contains a collection of organic evolving pads that have a wide range of moods. You'll discover calm, tranquil, haunting, and sinister.

There is a handful of horror and sci-fi sound effect elements that have considerable scare value.
Lastly, you get ten eerie atmospheric foreboding textures that should give the listener some nervous uneasiness.
 Very Loud Indeed does an excellent job at creating authentic patches that make full use of the modulation wheel and use multiple layers. The new soundsources included in IRAZU contain Guitars, Basses, Hits, Synth, and more. There is no doubt that I could hear sounds influenced by Chernobyl, Broadchurch, and Westworld. So, if you are scoring for horror, sci-fi, crime, documentary, cinematic, or contemporary drama, I think you'll find plenty of value with this product. However, I can also recommend this soundset for ambient, new age, and other genres of electronic music.
The retail cost is only $29, but I suggest picking up the Omnisphere Bundle, where you can save even more. Make sure you check out the powerful Soundcloud demos below which, should be enough to convince anyone.
 Omnisphere Irazu is a tremendous soundset that lives up to what it says it offers. Its fresh originality will vitalize your compositions from melancholy to inspiring, conveying a magical spark!





Written by Steve Montgomery
 (Composer/Infinite Mindscape/Darkmood)


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