Thursday, March 25, 2021


 Finisher RETRO
German-American plug-in makers
UJAM launch Finisher RETRO.
It is the company’s fifth addition to their series of virtual multi-effects that are designed to combine the power of an entire effect rack with the ease-of-use of a single plugin. The modes are presented in decades,from 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s. Each of the 50 modes give an authentic snapshot of a great sound from that decade. 
RETRO captures the classic reverbs, delays, flangers, tubes, tape hiss and magic for you. Just load RETRO and go!


Like Instagram filters for your audio, RETRO feels like having a huge pedal board AND rack of studio gear with everything set just right!

50 modes presented in decades, from 60-90s.

100 individual presets created from the modes.

Presets are organized in six categories: Default, Filter, Distortion, Age, Modulation and Ambience.

FINISHER and four VARI knobs for fast, easy tweaking.
Introductory offer of 69 EUR / USD until April 4th, 2021. After that, the plug-in sells for 99 EUR / USD. 
The Bundle of five Finishers including RETRO, FLUXX, VOODOO, NEO and MICRO is available for 269 EUR / USD (instead of 396 EUR / USD for the single products).  
Owners of any Finisher (excluding the free plug-in MICRO) are offered a special loyalty price of 49 EUR / USD during the introduction period ending April 4th, 2021.
Free, fully functional 30-day trials are available. 



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