Tuesday, March 23, 2021

REVIEW: 5ELEMENTS by EarthMoments

A powerful and iconic collection of handmade instruments, designed by Svaram Musical Instruments & Research. 
This is the Main Interface 
(MIX A/B Dial, Layers, and Binaural Beat Controls)

This is the Bottom part of the Interface where the Effects are Located.

Access to Factory Instruments and the Factory Sound presets.


5Elements by EarthMoments is an ethnic Kontakt library of eight genuine handcrafted instruments designed at Svaram Musical Instruments & Research and recorded at EarthMoments studios in Chennai, India. These instruments were created by Aurelio C. Hammer, who is a musician, composer, sound healer, ethno-musicologist, and were made to capture the spirit of South India. This library was years in the making and inspired by the ancient knowledge of the five elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Space. The construction of these instruments built from a variety of metals, wood, stone, and marble. A feature included in the library is a binaural beats drone selector with frequencies that alter brain wave activity in a restorative way. Scientific studies show how music heals and can even reverse certain ailments with holistic sound therapy. Learning Binaural Beats and frequencies opens a whole new world of understanding.

5ELEMENTS contains 6 frequency patterns.

1. Epsilon pattern: range of 0.1 - 0.5 Hz

2. Delta pattern: range of 0.5 - 4 Hz. associated with restorative deep (but not REM sleep).

3. Theta pattern: range 4 - 7 Hz. Associated with meditation, creativity, and REM sleep (and dreaming).

4. Alpha pattern: range 7 - 13 Hz. Associated with relaxation and calm states.

5. Beta pattern: 13–30 Hz. Associated with mental acuity, activity and alertness (possibly increases anxiety).

6. Gamma pattern: range 30 - 50 Hz Associated with persistent activity, problem solving and a sense of higher consciousness.

EarthMoments utilized actual cosmic octave frequencies correlating to the planets and combined them with binaural beats to create a unique type of drone sound that can be standard tuned to the 440 Hz. There are thirteen planetary settings for Binaural Beats and frequencies that contain properties for creativity, relaxation, reduced anxiety, balance, focus, well-being, meditative, regeneration, and more. Is this a Kontakt library, a sonic healer, or is it both? I have never encountered an instrument so in tune with a higher consciousness. However, I have studied a little bit about the power of frequencies and how they synchronize with the brain. For instance, I always sleep with a noise machine at a low volume. I like Pink noise because it is more soothing and doesn't have the higher frequencies of white noise. This type of background noise brings me to that hypnotic state very quickly, giving me a deeply restful night's sleep. So, the bottom line is frequencies have tremendous healing properties that have been studied and documented for decades.

5Elements downloads at 5.94GB and is Free Kontakt player compatible, giving customers complete access to this instrument who do not own the full version of Kontakt. There are two NKI's called Concert Pitch and Original Pitch you can choose to select. The Concert Pitch is tuned to standard 440 Hz and fits beautifully with other sample library instruments. The Original Pitch keeps the authentic tuning and tone of the instruments but is more limited in scope. There are wet and dry selections of all eight core instruments. The Factory sounds are divided into six categories including, Bells, Mallets, Pads, Percussions, Strings, Textures, and have a vast number of presets incorporated within each category. 

The interface is very streamlined and does not impede the workflow. The layout is clear, and all the effects are at the bottom of the main page. The Effects include Space, Ambience, Room, Compressor, Equalizer, Player Noise, Stereo Image, and Dynamic. Instead of explaining each effect, let me tell you Ambience is my favorite effect. They included field recordings and sounds of Beach, Forest, Village, Workshop, and Workshop + The Rain that you can layer under the instruments to give you the ultimate serene experience.

In the center of the GUI, you will find a Mix (A/B) dial that adjusts the volume between two layers of instruments located on each side of the knob. I will not go into great detail, but there is plenty of flexibility and options within the layers. You can select between main instruments and sub-instruments. The main factory instruments include Ananda (Phrases, Strums Pluck, Tremolo), Golden Plates (Mallets, Sticks), Healing Bed (Pluck, Phrases, Strokes, Strum), Litophone (Mallet, Harmonic, Stick), Octave Tubes (Mallet, Strum, Wobble) Silver Plate (Mallet), Singing Stones (Sustains/Longs Short, Mallet, Ring), and Tubular Bells (Mallet, Stick, Harmonic). Below each layer, you will see a More tab that offers more controls per layer. Under the Mix knob, you will find the Binaural Beat drone selector and a level control knob.

To the right is a Tuned selection button, and to the left, you will find the thirteen planetary frequencies and beats. Below the Beat level control, you will see the GUI alters in the bottom area when choosing an effect tab by adding the controls for each effect selected. I have already talked about the Ambience effect above, but you can read about the other effects in detail via the manual. If you are looking for an unparalleled library to add some majestic ethnic flavor to your cinematic compositions, look no more. This library is perfect for Documentaries, New Age, Ambient, Meditation, and other genres of music. You will discover a plethora of sounds and features in this instrument that are unprecedented. Blending frequencies and Binaural Beats to custom-created presets was intriguing. I have never seen a sample library like this before, and it was exhilarating to play.

5ELEMENTS is not just another ethic-based virtual instrument; it is a visionary transcendental musical experience for anyone looking for a creative, unconventional tool that can heal and inspire their listeners!
5 Out of 5 Stars ! 



Written by Steve Montgomery

(Composer/ Infinite Mindscape/ Darkmood)

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