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Omnisphere GRAFUS by The Very Loud Indeed Co. is a new cinematic soundset for the Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2.6 Synthesizer.


 120 Cinematic Patches for Omnisphere 2 divided into 6 Categories

Arp+BPM - 59 Patches

Hits and Bits - 5 Patches

Hybrid Organic - 8 Patches

Keyboards - 14 Patches

Pads + Strings - 21 Patches

Textures Soundscape - 13 Patches

(120 Total Patches)

74 Brand New Soundsources


I wondered why I never heard of The Very Loud Indeed Co, and then I found out the company just launched in January of 2021. Omnisphere Grafos is one of two Omnisphere soundsets I will be reviewing. You get a total of 120 patches in Grafos that includes 74 new soundsources. As time goes by and new companies enter the synth patch design space, my expectations seem to grow larger. I had high hopes for Very Loud Indeed and what the Grafos soundset offered.
First off, Very Loud Indeed is no stranger to sound design. As stated on their website, they have decades of sound design experience and music composition for films, television, and video games. They also do bespoke work and have many rave testimonials on their products by top composers. The patches in Grafos are said to be inspired by film score composers including, Steven Price (Gravity, Archive), Junkie XL (Tomb Raider, Deadpool), David Martijn (War of the Worlds), and Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow (Annihilation, Ex Machina).

I started playing the ARP+BPM patches, which is the bulk content of the library. To be clear, this is one of my favorite categories and where I can be more critical. I was glad they had plenty of these patches but was it going to be quality over quantity? After playing the first couple patches, I knew The Very Loud Indeed Co. was serious about their craft. The rhythmic arps are outstanding and provide the perfect blend of pulsating tension that certifies this designer knows horror, sci-fi, and crime scores.

There are only five Hits patches that include a jump-scare, slams, and sound brutally good.  

Eight Hybrid Organic keys have a blend of percussive and bass elements. The keyboard section contains a distorted synth lead, gritty bass, hybrid piano and includes a notable amount of dramatic, ambient, icy, and haunting keys.  

My second favorite category is Pads + Strings and is the second-largest division. There are 21 lush, gloomy, expressive, cinematic pads, are dramatically extensive in their design.

Finally, you get an array of ominous, dark, atmospheric, and spine-chilling complex soundscapes that will surely strike a nerve. There are 13 total, and I don't know if the number thirteen was intentional, but it certainly fits the mood.
All the patches take full advantage of the modulation wheel, and most of the patches use multiple layers. The new soundsources included in Grafos contain Guitars, Metal Hits, SFX, and some Vocals. I always appreciate sound sets that include some original soundsources. I think it adds to the value of the soundset by giving you something not found within the core of the Omnisphere library. Of course, what matters most is if the sound designer knows how to design the patches. Original soundsources do not mean much if you don't know how to sculpt them.
The Very Loud Indeed Co. did not release a duplication of anything I've heard before. They genuinely developed something unique, dynamic and delivered an excellent product.

Omnisphere Graphos exceeded all my expectations, and the creativity of this soundset is authentic as it is imaginative. 





Written by Steve Montgomery

(Composer, Infinite Mindscape, Darkmood)

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