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2.81 GB uncompressed (2.07 GB compressed)
Available as direct download only
1,040 Samples
40 Snapshot Presets
300+ Motion Presets (NKA’s)
229 NKIs
Acoustic Guitarscapes
2 Menus
48 Single Guitarscapes
Melodic Pulses & Phrases
12 Menus
48 Single Pulses (24 Nylon, 24 Steel)
Performance Palettes (5 Am, 5 Em)
Rhythmic Harmonies (3 Nylon, 3 Steel)

10 Complex Pads
1 Pad Element Menus
30 Ambient Pad Elements
30 Short Pad Elements
Rhythmic Pedals
2 Pedal Menus
16 Pedal Combinations (8 Staggered, 8 Stacked)
412 Single Pedals (6 Nylon, 6 Steel)
Motion page for advanced volume, pitch, and pan pattern creation
Playable Trigger FX for real-time control
Stand-alone, VST, AU, AAX



 The Main Mix Interface

(Three Channel Mixer and access to Pitch, Punish, Twist, FX, ADSR, & Controls)



(Start Sample Playback from any Point, Tune, Pan, Level, & Random)



(Combination of Compression and Saturation)


(Animated, Tone-Altering effect)





At the beginning of 2021, Heavyocity continues their unprecedented scoring guitars series with Scoring Acoustic Guitars, the latest Gravity pack that uses the Gravity engine. Its design is similar to the other scoring guitar packs, but you do not need Gravity to use this library. All Gravity packs are standalone instruments, and if, or when you can afford it, I highly recommend picking up Gravity. So, let us look at Scoring Acoustic Guitars, and I will show you what you get.

When you open the instrument, you will find that it contains 6 Folders including, Acoustic Guitarscapes, Melodic Pulses & Phrases, Pads, Performance Palettes, Rhythmic Harmonies, and Rhythmic Pedals. Each folder includes A minor and E minor nki files. Acoustic Guitarscapes has 1 Am nki, 1 Em nki, and two sub-folders of single Guitarscapes. Melodic Pulses & Phrases has six Am NKIs, 6 Em NKIs, and a sub-folder of single pulses. Pads include a Complex folder of 10 NKIs, and each has 2 Ambient variants, a motion, and a short version found under the snapshot drop down menu. Pads include Pad Elements, Pad Elements Menu, and a Pad Elements Short folder. Performance Palettes contain ten NKIs divided into Am and Em, and Rhythmic Harmonies have 3 Nylon and 3 Steel guitar NKIs. Rhythmic Pedals comprises of 2 folders and 2 NKIs and a Pedal Combinations folder that includes all pedal combination NKIs and a Single Pedals folder with 12 NKIs of both guitars. You also get two Rhythmic Pedal Menu NKIs.
Heavyocity never disappoints with the production of their virtual instruments, and Scoring Acoustic Guitars sounds fantastic and expertly captures the emotion these guitars offer in a cinematic presence. The interface looks like the other Scoring Guitars and Scoring Bass gravity pack series. When you want to dig deep, I suggest you read the manual. There are so many options and controls that the sound design potential can be virtually endless. However, if you want to keep it simple, using the sounds straight out of the box will certainly be enough to supercharge your creativity. There are several pages of controls you can access in the engine. Depending on what NKI you have loaded, there is a Main Sample page or an interface that houses the MIX levers. It contains ADSR and other FX. At the top center, you will have access to the signature Punish Knob and Twist effect knobs. At the bottom of the interface, there are pages of controls for Eq/Filter, TFX (Trigger Effects), and Motion (Motion Sequencer). Scoring Acoustic Guitars is also a Free Kontakt player compatible instrument, so you will not need to own the full version of Kontakt to use this instrument.

Heavyocity deeply sampled a variety of Acoustic Guitars in the creation of this library and the instrument loads fast and operates smoothly with no issues to address. I loaded up one NKI in Am from Scoring Acoustic Guitars 1, Scoring Bass, and Scoring Guitars together in one instance of Kontakt and was amazed how well these instruments complement each together. If you have these other Gravity packs give it a try and experience the ultimate multi-instrument.

There are many types of film & television productions that this library would be effective using in including, documentaries, dramas, crime, romance, thrillers, and much more. You get an array of dreamy, dark, atmospheric, melodic, and rhythmic phrase elements that should inspire you from the first note. I have always been a fan of scores that implement these types of guitar soundscapes, and this library incorporates those tools beautifully to give your composition that instant spark.

Heavyocity established a strong reputation with their scoring guitar series, and this is a significant addition to their set of cinematic guitar tools. Not only does it  contain a diversified amount of content, but it also offers an endless amount of sound-sculpting possibilities. Scoring Acoustic Guitars is a valuable resource of inspiration and deserves a firm

5 Out of 5 Stars !






Written by Steve Montgomery

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