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Heavyocity DAMAGE 2 Reviews

Years in the making, HEAVYOCITY MEDIA releases the sequel to their iconic epic percussion library 



This is the First page of the Interface

(Control of Stereo Field and Mic Positions)

(Area where you can select from a variety of categories and drum sources to create your own Ensemble)

(Access to Performance Options other Controls)

(Access to Punish Knob and other FX)

(Midi Mapping Customization)

(Location of 864 Tempo-Synced Loops)


It is hard to believe this much time has passed since the debut of the original DAMAGE. It’s a timeless classic percussion library that’s still relevant today. However, I did often wonder why Heavyocity never released a part 2 to their massive hit. Come to find out, it was years in the making, and that made total sense. Heavyocity is a company that takes their time to get it right, and wow did they! Between Damage and their Master Ensemble Collection, I have used Heavyocity’s drum libraries in my productions more than anything else. 

One thing I want to point out that this doesn't make the original DAMAGE obsolete, but it does manage to surpass it.

Here's what you get with DAMAGE 2.

There is 60 GB of uncompressed sample material, and 24 GB needed to download the library. You get 3 NKI’s, 208 snapshots, over 50 custom-designed kits, and 864 loops. Heavyocity used 1,596 sound sources and recorded 41,395 samples.

When you load DAMAGE 2, you will see three NKI’s named Ensemble Designer, Kit Designer, and Loop Designer. Within the Ensemble Designer, ten preset categories are labeled All-Star Presets, Monster Ensemble, Organic, Taikos, Ethnic, Cymbals/Gongs, Found Sources, Hybrid Hits, Damaged, and Transitions all found in the Source page. Of course, on the source page of the Ensemble Designer, you can drag any drum from any category to the keys found on the right side of the interface located below where it says Drop Sample Here to create a custom ensemble.

There are four pages in total that include Stage, Source, Settings, and Master FX. In the Stage section you will have total control of the location of the drums and mix with the included five different mic positions. The Settings page is where you select a variety of performances like Crescendo, Swell, Flam, Roll, Repeater and assign them to a variety of sources and keys. The final page is MASTER-FX, where the global effects are found, including Heavyocity’s proprietary Punish Knob.

The Kit Designer is where you can delve deep into beat making by midi mapping to any Pad Controller like Maschine, Akai MPC One, Abelton Live Push 2, Arturia Beatstep Pro, etc... beginning on C1 to D#2. The Kit Designer contains four divisions, including Mix, Source, Settings, and Master-FX. 

The Loop Designer has four sections named Loop, Source, Send-FX, and Master-FX. The loops provided by Heavyocity are intricate and range from straight to triplet. There are eight categories of Loops featuring Damaged Straight, Damaged Triplet, Hybrid Straight, Hybrid Triplet, Organic Straight, Organic Triplet, Transitions, and Hits. 

The sound quality of Damage 2 is superlative! 

Heavyocity recorded the library at the world-famous Skywalker Sound, where they had also recorded their amazing Forzo Modern Brass library.

If you've been searching for the ultimate percussion library that covers the broadest spectrum of organic and hybrid cinematic drums, this is it! 
DAMAGE 2 will have the same sustainability as the first Damage, and that means its longevity makes this a wise investment. It has everything you need for hybrid scoring, trailer scoring, industrial electronic music, and so much more. The material is immense, and the customization features are boundless.

If you do not own the full version Kontakt, do not worry because it is Free Kontakt Player compatible. If you own the first Damage, you will also be able to get a $100 off upgrade discount. 

 I spent days playing with Damage 2 before releasing my review so I would have a clear understanding of the library and hear everything included. 

So let me sum up my review.

DAMAGE 2 is relentless, dynamic, beautifully aggressive, and one badass cinematic percussion library that is even more awe-inspiring than the first! It is hard to believe they could beat perfection, which was the original Damage, but Heavyocity accomplished it! 

Not only is this one of the most pivotal releases in years, but it will surely become a leviathan in many Hollywood productions to come!

5 out of 5 STARS !

Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer, Infininte Mindscape, Darkmood)

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