Saturday, August 29, 2020


For only $9.99 (instead of $40.00)  get BALTIC SHIMMERS by Sonic Atoms.

Baltic Shimmers is a sample-based virtual instrument, ideal for dark and ambient cinematic scoring. It contains 3 types of patches: drones, pads and shimmers. Each type has it’s unique controls which allow you to create very inspiring soundscapes.

Requires the free Halion Sonic SE 3.4 sample player

Limited time offer, don’t miss out

An incredibly expressive collection of ambient sounds. Baltic Shimmers is an instrument with very characteristic timbre. It was inspired by the sea itself which you can immediately hear while playing its “Shimmer” type of sounds.
They can be almost static like calm sea. They can move like waves and eventually turn into foam like shimmer, which spreads and fade away in time. Baltic Shimmers it’s not just a soundset it’s a sample library made with organic sounds: sea, birds, acoustic and electric musical instruments.
It was designed as film and game scoring tool, especially to work as additional color in complex pieces, but it can be also used solo in minimal-istic way.





Rich and delicate upright Piano

A beautiful and warm sounding upright piano. Sampled with and without mute pedal. Every note sounds different and has its own character which gives very natural and organic results. This sample library is far from being sterile. It has its unique sonic quality which fits perfectly into calm and intimate music genres.

About Novel Piano- From Sonic Atoms: 
We recorded an elegant contemporary upright piano, in semi-dry room. Which gives our instrument nice and present close sound. But You can still hear a room reacting to that sound. The most gorgeous sound recorded is with mute pedal (Novel Piano patch). It sound amazing from up close, but room sound gives it even more character and depth. It may not be perfect for all scenarios though. That is why there is another set of samples recorded traditionally without mute ( Scoring Piano patch) to make our instrument more flexible and useful in more every day situations. Smaller but very important part of Novel Piano library is sustain pedal mechanism, which volume can be changed directly from instrument GUI. 

Piano was recorded with 7 microphones: 2 close mics pointing sound board, 1 close microphone placed low just above the ground to capture entire richness and low-end, 2 room mics placed just behind player in order to capture player’s perspective, 2 ambience mics placed 5 meters from the piano. 

We spent a lot of time in post production, carefully choosing samples from different takes to make sure every sounds nice and clear. We also de-noised all recorded tracks to avoid unwanted noise stacking while playing an instrument. We mixed all recorded tracks to stereo. It makes our library very light for CPU and RAM and also makes it perfect companion for traveling musicians who use notebooks.

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