Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Ferrum - Modern Trailer Percussion 
(Full Edition)

Keepforest’s FERRUM, produced by Vladislav Martirosov and Arseni Khodzin, is a modern trailer percussion powerhouse with a huge variety of cinematic percussion from epic and massive cinematic hits, punches, anvils and doors impacts to cymbals, bells, tiny metals and metallic foley.

Compatible with Free Kontakt Player and Native Instruments Hardware.

Features included:

Built-in Step Sequencer to make creating complex rhythms easier than ever; 
Quick Stage Placement module which can work independently for each note; 
Multiple Playback Modes including Doubling and Ensemble; 
Convenient Effects Rack for quick sound processing inside the instrument; 
Dozens of Snapshots to unleash the full creative potential.

The Full Edition includes 23 patches with a total of 550 notes, each of which has up to 16 round-robins with several mic positions as well as velocity layers resulting in thousands of unique hand-crafted samples of the highest quality.

Full Edition Patch List:

Ferrum - 01 Hybrid Trailer Percussion
Ferrum - 02 Epic Trailer Percussion
Ferrum - 03 Organic Massive Ensemble
Ferrum - 04 Super Snare Drums
Ferrum - 05 Metallic Trailer Hits - One Shots
Ferrum - 06 Metallic Trailer Hits - Playable
Ferrum - 07 Metallic Trailer Punches
Ferrum - 08 Factory Hall Ensemble
Ferrum - 09 Anvils Strikes Ensemble
Ferrum - 10 Industrial Doors Impacts
Ferrum - 11 Cymbals - Light Processing
Ferrum - 12 Cymbals - Heavy Processing
Ferrum - 13 Bells & Shakers
Ferrum - 14 Metallic Foley Percussion
Ferrum - 15 Various Metals - All In One
Ferrum - 16 Various Metals - Universal
Ferrum - 17 Various Metals - High Ringing
Ferrum - 18 Various Metals - Mid Ringing
Ferrum - 19 Various Metals - Tick-Tocks
Ferrum - 20 Various Metals - Muted
Ferrum - 21 Various Metals - Percussive
Ferrum - 22 Various Metals - Specific
Ferrum - 23 Various Metals - Low-Mid

WAV folder contents (over 1500 files):

01 Trailer Elements (One-Shots)

01 Sub Booms
02 Metallic Trailer Hits
03 Organic Trailer Hits
04 SFX Trailer Hits
05 Trailer Impacts
06 Whooshes & Transitions
07 Bonus Trailer SFX

02 Trailer Percussion (Round Robin)

01 Trailer Percussion RR
02 Trailer Rolls RR
03 Metallic Percussion RR
04 Metallic Foley RR
05 Cymbals RR

03 Trailer Loops
01 Main Hits
02 Fast Drums
03 Fills & Build-ups
04 Metallic Loops
05 Full Percussion Loops
04 Trailer Stems
44 Trailer Stems

The Free Edition consists of hand-picked trailer percussion samples that introduce the potential of the library. Feel free to try the sounds out before buying to get familiar with the product and let us know what you think!

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