Sunday, August 16, 2020


Deep, Dark and Brooding Pads, Drones and Soundscapes

Looking for some inspiration to work on those new HORROR TRACKS!

SHADOWS is an exclusive VST BUZZ  Kontakt instrument release that allows you to combine and cross-fade between up to 4 different soundsources to create dark, sinister and foreboding pads, drones and soundscapes.

With over 200 patches in a number of styles and with a range of layers to each, this sample library is perfect for underscore, tension, horror and more!

2.2GB of content from synthesizers was recorded, then mangled and transformed into both simple and complex sounds to be used within the engine. These can then be combined in the 4 part engine, and using the XY pad to cross fade between each of the sounds, you can create organic, deep and menacing sounds.

The library was inspired by composers like Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross, Hildur Guðnadóttir, John Carpenter and many more.

Choose from 232 individual sound sources from a variety of different sound categories, each varying in attack and timbre. There are 229 patches available in 3 different categories:
Raw Instruments (84) -individual sound sources
Duo Instruments (75) – two sound sources combined
Instruments (70) – four sound sources combined

This library is ideal for anyone looking for dark, gritty, sinister, evolving pads, soundscapes, drones and more.

The XY pad is mapped to MIDI CC 74 and MIDI CC 75 allowing you to record your own movement within the XY pad as MIDI CC data.

It can control either volume crossfading or filter manipulation of each individual sound source. Using the XY pad to control the volume of each of the sound sources gives you more control over how much is being added to the overall sound, whereas using the XY pad to control the filter, adjusts the cutoff level in the filter of each source, giving a more natural blending of sounds.

Each of the 4 individual source sources within SHADOWS has its own FX, allowing you to sculpt the sound of each sound source individually.

The FX options within each sound source are ADSR, LFO, Filter, ADSR Filter, LFO Filter, ADSR Pitch and LFO Pitch

Additionally, there is a master FX section at the bottom of the interface which allows you to add delay, reverb, chorus, convolution reverb, saturation, stereo, EQ or compression to the overall patch


€29 – reduce the price by using your VSTBuzz reward points (even down to €0 if you have enough points!)

229 Kontakt patches with 232 samples

Combine 4 soundsources for unique dark sounds that continually move and modulate

Range of sampled sounds including synths, sound design and bowed instruments
.WAV files included
Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player
Perfect for deep dark pads, drones, textures and soundscapes
Ideal for creating dark, gloomy, ethereal and ambient sounds
Exclusive to VSTBuzz – not available anywhere else!

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