Monday, April 6, 2020



Introducing GUITAR FURY

Evolving out of Sample Logic’s comprehensive family of cinematic guitars content rises an instant powerhouse virtual instrument based on recordings by composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Steve Ouimette. 

Forging deep into the depths of his extensive and rare collection of guitars, Steve applied his unparalleled knowledge and adventurous playing styles to capture an incredible range of guitars and other strung exotics. These range in scope from acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, baritones, ukuleles, a Puerto Rican cuatro, Marx-O-Chime, Dobrotron, Purgatory Hill Harp, to one-off string instruments such as the Ouija Board and Cigar Box Guitar, and many more. 

From these magical recording sessions that originally debuted in Cinematic Guitars motions, emerged a wide range of new and original organic-acoustic and electrified multi-sampled virtual instruments, morphed and sculpted by the Sample Logic team into breathtaking cinematic guitars perfect for any music production.

594 Instruments & Presets

43 GB Sample Content
Made entirely from multi-sampled guitar instruments
Dynamic meta-tag browsing system
Hot-swappable effects chain technology
Randomization refined for instant and creative inspiration
Streamlined User Interface for stress free composing

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