Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Introducing Iconic Instruments:

A New York-based developer of sample libraries/virtual instruments for Kontakt. Their mission is to preserve the sounds of some of the most historically significant (and deteriorating) instruments of the 20th Century in the most detailed and dynamic ways possible.

Iconic Instruments has spun off 2 unique keyboard instruments based on the samples from the Syndrum and the DS-4.

Instead of the waveforms being tuned and triggered from the 4 channels, all the notes are laid across the keyboard chromatically to form a tonal keyboard instrument.

In addition to the same Waveforms, Velocity and Effects sections found in the drum modules, the Syndrum Synth and DS-4 Synth offer keyboard-specific features.

Please Note: The FULL version of Kontakt 5.6.6 or above is required. Please ensure you have the correct version of kontakt before ordering

Syndrum Synth

Adjustable Velocity Sensitivity
Glide function
3 Voicings (Monophonic, Legato and Polyphonic)
3 Waveforms (Sine, Triangle, Square)
VCF (12 Filter Types)
VCA (Bipolar, ADSR > Env./Gate)
Arpeggiator (7 Patterns, 8 Sync Settings, -/+ 3 Octave Range)
Effects - Distortion (3 Types), Delay (20 Sync Settings), Reverb (4 Impulses)
Includes ready-to-use presets and custom-made Multi-instruments

In 1978, Toyo Gakki Corp. produced 'Japan's answer' to the Syndrum with the Ult-Sound DS-4.

The DS-4 is similar to the Syndrum in its 4-channel layout and functionality, but is also soughtafter for its unique sonic footprint.

Iconic Instruments presents the DS-4 on its own or paired with the Syndrum in a discounted package.

Adjustable Velocity Sensitivity (Amount, Curve/Mod)
4 Waveforms/Channel - Square, Triangle, Sine and Noise
Pitch-Specific Tuning (7-Octave Range)
Pitch Sweep Up/Down
3-Waveform, 3-Octave LFO
Volume Envelope Control
Velocity > Pitch Control
Curve/Mod Velocity Control
Effects - Distortion (4 Types), Delay (20 Sync Settings), Reverb (4 Impulses)
Includes ready-to-use presets and custom-made Multi-instruments

Their products are carefully developed using a combination of sampling and modeling to replicate both the character and playability of the original instruments. Iconic Instruments employ both modern and era-specific recording gear, combined with a range of different engineering techniques to create the most flexible virtual instruments on the market.


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