Sunday, June 2, 2019

REVIEW: UNHUMAN by String Audio for Omnisphere 2

After the release of LIGHTless and DARKless, String Audio introduces their 3rd Omnisphere library called

Content Description
1.3+ GB of brand new STRING AUDIO signature samples exclusively recorded and produced for Omnisphere 2
183 Soundsources
239 Patches
48 Multis
System Requirements
Require Omnisphere 2.6 or above (sold separately by Spectrasonics)

(As of June 3rd UNHUMAN has been updated with 51 more multis= 99 total)


I've been a fan of String Audio's Sound Design since their release of Dark Matter. Since then, they have released several blockbuster Kontakt libraries and a total of 3 Omnisphere libraries. String Audio's Unhuman is the 3rd Omnisphere soundset and all I can say is Wow!
String Audio has a unique sound that always seems to have its thumb on the pulse of modern sound designing. I have heard their signature sounds used in many television and documentary underscores.  

Unhuman is the next chapter in their Omnisphere collection and it is a sound palette of dark to bright. The patches in the library have brief descriptions divided into 3 colors. There is White, Grey, and Black to give you a little idea of what tone the preset will render in your composition. There is a huge amount of atmosphere and complex textures that are full of ominous tension. If you are composing for a drama, sci-fi, documentary, and horror project, this library is a perfect execution in those genres. If you want something happy, friendly, and a little cheese sprinkled on it look elsewhere. String Audio is one of those sound design companies that does what they do with precision, and the sounds they produce has not been duplicated, in my research.

Unhuman is not a low-cost patch library. String Audio's Omnisphere libraries retail higher than most other soundsets that I've seen. To be fair, String Audio used 183 new soundsources with 1.3+GB of new sample material to create Unhuman. There are also 239 patches and originally 48 multis. However, as of June 3rd String Audio updated the library with 51 new multis bringing the total to 99 multis. If this library only used the core sounds in Omnisphere,  I would have to say it may be a little pricey. Because it contains a wealthy amount of signature samples, make it worth the cost.

I spent a few days playing with the library and gathering my honest thoughts about it. This library is remarkable. I discovered a lot I liked in Unhuman like some shimmering pianos, spine chilling ambiences, dark textures, celestial auras, deep basses, and dozens of crafty multis.

String Audio did make use of four or three layers in many of the presets. The only thing I would have liked to have had in this library is a section of rhythmic pulses like in Darkless and Lightless. However, if you have any of the previous libraries, just use the pulses within those libraries to compliment Unhuman and you will get something absolutely otherworldly.

If you have watched the HBO miniseries Chernobyl, you will notice this library has a sound that would sit perfectly as the underscore of this show.

  String Audio has released another fine addition to their ever-growing list of libraries. If you are looking for soundscapes and textures that are edgy, unnerving, and radiant, you need to take a look at Unhuman. If you want to listen to the presets, check out my video below which features just over an hour of playing through many of the patches.

If you are an owner of String Audio's other releases, then you already know their quality is first-class. If you've never heard of String Audio, now you have.

Unhuman manages to capture the human emotion on several levels and adding this to Omnisphere may transform your musical production into something Unreal!

Written by Steve Montgomery
(Composer for Infinite Mindscape & Darkmood)

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