Saturday, June 29, 2019

NEW RELEASE: Hauschka Composer Toolkit by Spitfire Audio



Hauschka Composer Toolkit

A collaboration with Oscar-nominated, world-renowned composer and sound-smith Volker Bertelmann, aka Hauschka (Lion, Adrift), this multifaceted toolkit has been designed for adding incredible depth, tension and texture to your scores. 

Discover unique soundscapes ranging from industrial sounding percussive rhythms and thunderous bass-lines to offbeat, atonal plucks and beautiful, shimmering pads. Performed on a Steinway grand with over 40 experimental preparations and expertly multi-sampled at Berlin’s legendary Voxton Studios, we have bottled Hauschka’s much sought after signature sound palette into a highly interactive and inspiring toolkit. 

Presented in our sophisticated Evo Grid and Mercury synth, mix and match multiple signal options, from Pedal FX, Distorted, Modular to Binson Echorec tape delay, or choose from 50 curated presets, for endless combinations of instantly playable sounds.

Hauschka Composer Toolkit will be available at our special promotional price until 11th July 2019.


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