Wednesday, June 26, 2019

REVIEW: B.I.T. (Back in Time) Virtual Analog Synth by Rob Papen

B.I.T. stands for 'Back In Time' and is a Rob Papen latest virtual synthesizer release that focuses on Analog Modeled Synthesis. 


This is the main GUI interface.
(Access to Dual Oscillator, Filters, LFO, Modulation Matrix, Arpeggiator/Sequencer, etc..)

 Preset Manager Page
 (Over 950 Presets in multiple Categories)


It's not hard to pique my interest when I hear master sound designer Rob Papen releases a new virtual synth using analog modeled synthesis. B.I.T. stands for 'Back in Time' and is a fitting name for Rob Papen's latest creation. What is old, is new again, and I couldn't be more excited about the sounds in this synth. Even though there are no patch cables, B.I.T. is indeed a modular synth, and it's simple to use the modulation matrix. Within the MOD MATRIX, you can select up to 8 sources in 5 categories. There is Midi Mod Source, Osc 1 Mod Source, Osc Mod Source, Modulator Mod Source, and Output Mod Source. Next, to the source tab, you will find the destination tab. Inside the destination tab, you can select Global, Unison, Osc 1, Osc 2, Sub-Osc/Noise Osc, Filter 1, Filter 2, Amp, Mod +FX. You can easily adjust the percentage by left clicking and then dragging the mouse cursor over the amount tab forwards or backward. Doing this will allow you to adjust the percentage from zero to 100 %.

B.I.T. comes with an intuitive 16 step sequencer that is activated by clicking on the little button located next to the ARP found at the bottom of the GUI. These little buttons are laid out throughout the interface, allowing you to turn On/Off features like Oscillators, FX, LFO, etc. I created several dynamic rhythmic presets using the ARP within just a few minutes. The Arpeggiator and Sequencer are straightforward, selectively complex, and loaded with attributes.

The easiest way to browse the presets in B.I.T. is to click on the button next to Manager at the top of the interface.After you click on the button, you'll enter the bank manager page where all presets are organized. On the right side, you'll find a variety of categories like Synth, Synth Leads, Basses, Pads, Arps, and so much more.

When I began playing through over 950 presets, the only word that came to mind was- Genius! Yes, it may have taken a long time, but man was it fun! B.I.T. has some of the best Arps I've heard in quite some time. The Arps are not only located in the Arp+Sequencer folder, but they are also found in the folders created by other sound designers who contributed a host of presets to this synth. You'll find everything from luscious pads, thick Moog like basses, dreamy Arps, killer FX, retro drum kits, gorgeous synths, and classic 70's leads.

Another thing that impressed me was how well it performed on my CPU. B.I.T. is not resource hungry like other virtual analog synths of this caliber.

Whether you produce music like Synthwave, EDM, Ambient, Filmscore, Dubstep, Techno, or any other genre of electronic music, it's all here. I heard many musical influences pouring out of B.I.T. like Tangerine Dream, John Carpenter, Vangelis, and several New Wave/80's Pop artists. If you're a composer looking for that Stranger Things and  Blade Runner vibe, this is it!

Rob Papen and his team released an award-winning synth, in my opinion. I think this is one of the best values of the year within software synthesizers, and I also believe it will become a staple among many electronic musicians. There's plenty more I could say about this synth, but I'm not going to belabor my review any longer.

B.I.T. goes Back in time and brings back a nostalgic work of art. The production, value, and design make this an instant classic on its own.

5 Out of 5 Stars !


Written by Steve Montgomery 
(Composer for Infinite Mindscape & Darkmood)

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