Thursday, March 28, 2019


Welcome to SONIKSCAPE, a new sound design collection by SampleTraxx specifically created for intense underscores, lush background music, dark atmospheres, cinematic soundscapes, horror and thriller sound score.

Featuring evolving cinematic soundscapes, custom vocal atmospheres, textures out of processed flute, vocal effects, ghost breath, ambient swell, dark low oscillations, clean subsonic frequencies, bowed cymbals, whispers and horror breaths, abstract textures, psychological screech and more.

For movie trailer sound design, suspenseful film and television score, intense dark ambient music and all types of high tension building projects.

Sonikscape is a collaboration between Alessandro Romeo from SampleTraxx and German sound designer Sebastian Emling who already collaborated on Cinematic Zither and Old Broken Piano.

50 Cinematic Soundscape
22 Custom tones
27 Vocal Atmosphere
24 Bowed Cymbals
13 Flute Soundscape
19 Basic Tones
59 Synthetic Drones/Pads
40 Vocal Breath Fx
20 Abstract Textures
22 Low-End Rumble
17 Noise Radio
27 Designed Vinyl Noise/Sources

Sonikscape filelist

340 WAV samples 48/24
12 Categories
3.5 Gb of audio content

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