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REVIEW: SoundIron Mimi Page: Light & Shadow

Mimi Page Light & Shadow is a hybrid of soft, angelic female solo vocals and ethereal atmospheric sound-design, featuring the feather-light soprano voice of singer-composer Mimi Page.


4.72 GB Installed (7.6 GB uncompressed)
4,413 Samples
8 master NKI instrument banks
Sound-Designed FX and Ambient presets
24-bit, 48 kHz Stereo Lossless NCW Format.
Made for the free Kontakt Player (version 6+), Komplete Kontrol, all S-Series Keyboards and NKS software and hardware by Native Instruments
Works with the Kontakt "Libraries" browser and Native Access

Sequencer allows customization and sequencing of the phrases in any order a user may choose.


The advanced control window can be opened and closed by clicking on the Pull-down tab’s down-arrows at the top of the UI. It contains the global LFO, Filter and Arpeggiation systems.

The “ARP” section lets you create, save and load your own arpeggios, rhythmic patterns and step sequences. To turn it on, click the radio button next to the ARP label.


The FX Rack tab gives you direct access to 18 of Kontakt’s built-in special effects and dynamic processors.


MimiPage Light and Shadow is a sample library from Soundiron that peaked my interest upon its release. The first time I heard of Mimi Page was her collaboration with electronic musical artist Delirium from the album ‘Mythologie’.  Mimi has a long list of credits being a singer-songwriter, producer, and composer. Her haunting ethereal vocals have amazed me but how would they translate into a Kontakt instrument.
When I first fired up the instrument, I began with the Mimi Pages ambiences category. On the bottom right there are 2 drop down menus where you select the sounds. Airy and Airy Soft is the first ambience preset which is a higher pitched soundscape that is featured on layer 1. What I liked was the option to add a second layer to the ambience and cross-fade between the two by dragging the glowing white orbs on the ‘x-fade’ slider that sits between the 2 layers. The first drop down menu had 10 varieties that include airy, bassy, light, choral, shadow, gritty, pulsing, simple, vocals, and warm. Each of these can be altered with soft, medium, and loud options. The ambiences were designed very well with so many ways to alter them and create your own designed preset.

I won’t get into too much detail about all the fx in this instrument, but there is a lot. Not only is there the Soundiron DSP fx rack that can be accessed on the bottom, but you can also apply effects located on the first page like swell, vibrato, filter, pitch, and more. At the top, clicking the two arrow icons will access another page where LFO, Filter, and the Arpeggiator can be found to further manipulate the sound. 

The next category I loaded up was Mimi Page Ethereal Dreamscapes-Light with a choice to load up Angelic or Mystical. In angelic there is Ah, Oo, Hey, and phrases. The phrases sound very celestial and incorporates some beautiful lush textures. It took me a little while before moving on to the mystical part of Dreamscapes-Light because the phrases were so mesmerizing . The mystical contains Oo 4th down and 2 phrase bpm variations.

The third section I loaded into Kontakt was Ethereal Dreamscapes-Shadow that consists of a choice between Haunting and Horror. Within Haunting, there is Ah, Oo, Hey, harmony m3/m3 triad, and bpm phrases. The phrases in haunting are epic! I kept imagining the aftermath of a bloody battle with smoke billowing in the air as Mimi’s voice was my emotional guide. These vocals are perfect for capturing that cinematic mood needed for scenes of sorrow and loss. This library literally gave me chills while stirring my senses.

Next up, Horror, this includes Ah harmonies, miscellaneous phrases, Ah, Oh, Gasps, and Ghost breaths. This was exciting, because I was not expecting a horror segment. The vocal choices Mimi uses is creepy, dark, and foreboding giving this library even more versatility. It’s like getting Light, Shadow, and Dark as an all-in-one vocal library.

After Dreamscapes-Shadow, there is Legato where you can select Ah, Eh, Mm, and Oo’s.  However, I was excited about moving on to the two phrases bpm categories. These are separate from the other phrases included in the other sections.  On the front page, you get a sequencer and a variety of 100 bpm phrases in different keys that includes Angelic, Elvish, Sad, and miscellaneous. However, the 140 bpm phrases consist of light, shadow, sad, and miscellaneous varieties. The last two categories are Staccato and Sustains. The final detail of this library I need to point out is that it is Kontakt Free player compatible. So, you don't need the full version of Kontakt to use this library.

If you are on the fence about getting another vocal sample library and were thinking you’ve heard it all, think again. Mimi Page Light & Shadow is a powerhouse of an instrument and it’s got a vast amount of content. From heavenly to gloomy, you have an artillery of scoring resources at your hand. This is your chance to have the beauty of Mimi Page's vocals in your own productions.

 Soundiron has released another sample library in
excellence and
 Mimi Page Light & Shadow will surely be a household name among composers. This is triumphal vocal instrument for Kontakt that is euphoric and exhilarating in every way.

5 out of 5 Stars 

Written by Steve Montgomery
 (InfiniteMindscape & Darkmood)

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