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REVIEW: The Lobby Piano for Omnisphere by MAN MAKES NOISE

Man Makes Noise The Lobby Piano Omnisphere 2

When I saw there was a new Omnisphere 2.5 library called ‘The Lobby Piano’ I was a little hesitant to think this was going to be anything but another piano library.

However, it might be better called ‘Piano from the Netherworld’. 
Read on......


The Lobby Piano consists of 200 patches in 13 Categories, 13, get it? Could it be 13 symbolizes how this piano library might sound like or am I thinking into it too much. Oh well, it's fun to speculate.
Nevertheless, the categories are as follows:

Alarms - 7 patches
Arps - 22 patches
Atmospheres -16 patches
Basic Piano Sounds - 10 patches
Basses - 10 patches
Designed - 8 patches
FX - 8 patches
Hits - 8 patches
Keys -43 patches
Pads - 35 patches
Percussion -20 patches
Pulses- 6 patches
Synth- 5 patches

This library includes 296 original soundsources. MAN MAKES NOISE recorded one piano in a lobby using a variety of methods including a keychain and a hammer.
How cool is that?
The Lobby Piano requires Spectrasonic's Omnisphere 2.5 and 578 MB of hard drive space.

The Lobby Piano Omnisphere 2


The Lobby Piano is everything I did not anticipate.

Is this a good thing, no, it's a GREAT thing!

MAN MAKES NOISE created something totally original and outside the box of anything with piano in the title. I must be honest, I was glad the carpet didn't match the drapes as far as what I was expecting.

The Lobby Piano is like a piano from Hades designed with an unsettling dark atmosphere that encompasses much of the library.

To simply name it The Lobby Piano, WELL, Brilliant!

This is MAN MAKES NOISE first Omnisphere library and has already earned some high praises, so let me add mine.

Number 1: I love the tone and ambience in this library.

Number 2: The added 296 samples.

Number 3: The Originality in the sound design outweighed my expectations by a mile for a first release.

I did a patch walkthrough demo video of The Lobby Piano below so you can hear exactly what this library is made of.

Out of all 13 categories, I would highly recommend a purchase even if this soundset only had the Atmos, Keys, and Pads. My least favorite is the basic piano sound category. Not because it doesn't sound good but because it's just piano and I have enough piano presets. Luckily, you only get 10 of these patches and the rest is something totally unique.

The Lobby Piano has a great balance of granular and distortion within it. I can see this library used not only for film or video game scoring but also in some industrial style music production. There are no multis in this library but what you do get is substantial. I can only imagine what MAN MAKES NOISE creates next and I can't wait !

If you want an Omnisphere library that ranges from dark, light, to viciously foreboding, look no further.

The Lobby Piano is your key to a sensational experience into experimentation of what sound design is all about and receives a

5 out of 5 Stars!

  Available: MAN MAKES NOISE

Written by Steve Montgomery (Infinite Mindscape /Darkmood)

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