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Realm of Omnisphere 2 by CL-Projects- REVIEW (Soundbank for Omnisphere 2.5)

is a soundbank for Omnisphere 2.5. This bank is the follow up of the popular Realm of Omnisphere soundbank. Realm of Omnisphere II is a very versatile soundbank which is aimed at ambient, new age, Berlin school, epic, cinematic soundtrack and filmscoring music. Nearly all the patches can be modulated via velocity, modwheel and aftertouch which makes these patches very expressive. This soundbank is also highly inspired by artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and others. All the patches were meticulously crafted  using the internal sound sources from Omnisphere.

Here are the descriptions of each category according to the CL-Projects Website:

sounds are very atmospherical, great for filmscoring and ambient oriented music. The ambient sounds are making extensive use of Omnisphere's orb and the many lfo and modulation capabilities, which gives these patches an ominous and scary character perfect to be used for sci-fi, thriller and horror movies.

sounds will give you instant inspiration. Most of the arpeggio patches use three or four layers in comparison to Omnisphere's 2 two layers With the help of the envelopes, filters and velocity capabilities of Omnisphere, these patches are perfect for creating rhythmic tracks. The arpeggio patches are making use of controller messages like modwheel and after-touch extensively.

​are very lush and thanks to the Orb, which is turned on in some of the patches, gives them a lot of evolving motions, which is great for soundtracks, new age and ambient types of music. We can describe these sounds as epic, ominous, mysterious, magical and weird  in some cases. These pads will give you instant inspiration.

​sound section contains acoustic type strings, luscious synth strings, old style strings, plucked strings and guitar sounds. Guitar sounds layered with voice and string sounds sound fantastic and will give you instant creativity. The vintage strings will throw you back into the 70's and 80's eras. The analog synth type strings will enhance any sound when layered with other sounds but they can sound very lush when used on their own.

​sounds are more synth oriented and contain less evolving moods like the ambient and pad sounds. Also epic poly-synth sounds, with or without resonance, aggressive synth sounds which cut through the mix like a knife through butter, are also present. The granular synthesis system is also used sometimes to give the sounds some 'bite'.



When I heard Sound Designer Frank Dierickx of CL-Projects was releasing 'Realm of Omnisphere 2' for the updated Omnisphere 2.5 I got extremely excited. This new soundbank contains a total of 172 patches and 33 of them are multis. This soundbank is a sequel to the successful 'Realm of Omnisphere' which I also had the pleasure of reviewing last year. 

This first thing I would like to point out about Realm of Omnisphere II is that it is a perfect companion to the original Realm of Omnisphere. What I mean is, if you do not own the first library, then I would buy the Realm Dyad bundle, which contains both libraries containing 330 patches at a discounted price for the 2 library bundle. In my opinion, these 2 libraries work hand in hand together. However, this is a review of the second installment, so I will continue.

The sound design in Realm of Omnisphere 2 is simply put a crowning achievement. I was instantly hooked when I began recording a patch walk-through video that can be found below. The video is 2 hours and 20 min but to be honest, did not feel that long. I even ran into some problems where my capture device was not picking up the audio because of a setting issue. I was almost an hour in and had to start it all over, I should have tested it first but that's a side issue. The point is, I spent plenty of time with this library and was able to perform a thorough deep dive. I feel I can give you a clear understanding of what I like about Realm of Omnisphere 2.

These patches can be used in almost every type of electronic music. Cl-Projects states this library is inspired by artists like Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, and others. Being a huge fan of these artists, I can affirm that the sound influence of this library shines through. The layers of evolving motion are thick and compelling. There are beautiful pads, haunting atmospheres, and an array of rhythmic presets. This library uses the soundsources found in the mighty Omnisphere 2.5 and is modulated via velocity, mod-wheel and after-touch. 

If you would like to hear how powerful this library is, you can watch the video below and listen with a set of headphones or some good speakers. I think you'll be sold the first few minutes.

There is nothing I can say that can depreciate the value of this soundbank for Omnisphere 2.5 by Spectrasonics. The mood landscape is abundant, and the sound palette is vast.
Don't pass this one up! 
Realm of Omnisphere 2 by CL-Projects is a must buy for 2019 and earns a 
5 Out of 5 Stars!

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Written by Steve Montgomery (Infinite Mindscape, Darkmood, SDM)

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