Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Power Move - Classic 80’s & Synthwave Instrument for Kontakt

Power Move  is a 2GB “synthwave” inspired sample library jam packed with over 200 Kontakt instruments (187 presets and 36 multis) perfect for re-creating those 80’s or synthwave style tracks.
With a range of instruments including bells, leads, organs, arps, plucks, strings, drums and more, its got everything you need to unlock the cheese!

Classic 80’s & Synthwave Instruments for Kontakt

Power Move was created with one goal in mind: to re-create that warm, vintage, retro futuristic sound we remember from the 80’s (nowadays called “Synthwave“).
The entire library has a distinct analog sound and feel and every patch you play instantly transports you back in time.
The inspiration for this library was drawn from multiple sources in both Synthwave and 80’s styles including modern films like Drive, Stranger Things, The Guest and Kung Fury to classics like Big Trouble in Little China, Knightrider and Bladerunner.
We also were influenced by the work of Synthwave artists including Futurecop!, Gunship, Perturbator, Miami Nights 1984 to 80’s composers & producers such as John Carpenter, Vangelis, Depeche Mode and more!
With pulsing arpeggios, crystallized keys, warm pads, classic drums and so much more, the library is guaranteed to inspire, while being so much fun to play!

Why its awesome:

  • 2GB of content
  • Over 200 Kontakt instruments covering Keys, Bells, Brass, Leads, Basses, ,Plucks, Pads, Arps, Organs, Strings & Drums
  • Over 2,000 samples delicately re-created to reproduce that classic sound
  • Inspiration drawn from modern film scores like Drive, Stranger Things, The Guest and Kung Fury to classics like Big Trouble in Little China, Knightrider and Bladerunner.
  • Perfect for all types of EDM including Synthwave, 80’s, Retro, Synth Pop and more!
  • Easily add a hint of retro to your film scores a la “John Carpenter”


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