Tuesday, January 29, 2019

71% off “Drums & Percussion Bundle” by Impact Soundworks

Drums & Percussion Bundle” is an amazing collection of drum libraries containing everything you need to create stunning percussion tracks in multiple genres in your DAW.
Featuring thousands of samples in total with stunning realism and instant play-ability, this bundle is perfect for Epic Trailer Music, Cinematic Underscore, Video Game and Ambient music!

6 Highly Versatile Percussion Libraries In One Epic Package!

“Drums & Percussion Bundle” is an incredible collection of six deeply sampled, yet highly diverse percussion libraries and includes the following libraries:


Normally €342 – get it at 71% off before it’s gone!

  • 71% off the normal price (normally €342)!
  • Meditation: Hybrid Mallet Design
  • 1GB of Content
  • An inspiring collection of acoustic mallet, gong, and glass sounds combined with a revolutionary Kontakt-based additive synthesizer!
  • Momentum: Percussive Sound Design
  • 8GB of Content
  • 2,500+ truly unique, organic percussion performances
  • Shou Drum
  • 1.5GB of Content
  • A beautiful tuned drum handcrafted from tempered steel and performed with a variety of articulations and mallets.
  • Forest Frame Drums
  • 1.3GB of Content
  • Three hand-made traditional animal skin drums, exquisitely sampled with a deep, earthy and warm tone.
  • Groove Bias: Vintage Drum Sounds
  • 2GB of Content
  • Relive an era of classic drum sounds where funk was king!
  • Impact Steel: Metallic Percussion
  • 300MB of Content
  • A highly expressive percussion library containing metal hits and “found” percussive sounds.
  • Note: This bundle requires the FULL retail version of Kontakt 5.5.2 or higher (not compatible with Kontakt Player)
  • Perfect for Epic Trailer Music, Cinematic Underscore, Video Game and Ambient music! 

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