Thursday, November 30, 2017

DEAL: Concert Brass Bundle from Kirk Hunter Studios

Concert Brass Bundle gives you 2 amazing brass libraries in 1, Concert Brass Legacy and Concert Brass 2. Coupled with innovative and progressive TVEC 4 programming for Kontakt, you will not find a more flexible and playable great sounding brass library at this incredible base price! 

These libraries normally valued at $600 are now offered for $299 or as low as $99 with a rewards base price. 

43GB combined download size

SmartLegato – Allows polyphony even in legato mode.

IntervaLive – When engaged, real intervals are performed when you play overlapping notes. You can fully customize IntervaLive

DivisiLive – Automatically divides sections if you play chords

Division Mixing – Setup custom mixes of different sections (divisions) all on the same instrument.

Division Panning – Setup custom panning of different sections (divisions) all on the same instrument.

Quick-Rip – Keyswitch a section rip, or use the pitch wheel.

Polyphonic Round Robin – Even playing chords will engage a true Round Robin. And randomization ensures killing the “machine gun” sound.

Sus Pedal Slur and Extend – Conventional sustain pedal behavior or you can extend repeated notes, or slur overlapped notes to get a very realistic sound.

Double and Triple Tonguing – When you can’t play a fast repeated note quickly enough, choose “Double Tongue” or “Triple Tongue”.

Programmable Keyswitching – Don’t like where the keyswitches are? Program your own. You can also turn keyswitching on or off altogether.

Short Note FX – Create fun “falls” or “scoops” for the shorter note articulations.

Modwheel Vibrato for Solos – You can choose to add vibrato with the mod-wheel.

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