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74% off “True Keys Pianos Bundle” by VI Labs - Limited Time Deal !

 74% off “True Keys Pianos Bundle” by VI Labs (AU/VST/AAX)

74% off “True Keys Pianos Bundle” by VI Labs (AU/VST/AAX)

True Keys Bundle is a virtual piano collection based on three highly revered concert grands. With nearly 50,000 audio files recorded with multiple high end mics and preamps, the pure sound of these remarkable instruments is available at your fingertips.
Fast loading times and minimal resource usage made possible with the UVI Workstation sample player all make for a powerful but easy to use virtual piano collection!

3 Stunning Concert Grand Pianos At Your Fingertips

True Keys Bundle offers three highly revered concert grand pianos, sampled to perfection:
  • American: Steinway D© nine foot concert grand
  • Italian: Fazioli F308© 
  • German: Bechstein© semi-concert grand
Each piano in this collection is entirely sample-based. You have full control of the aspects of the piano such as release trails and pedal noise.
Advanced scripting and specialized sampling replicate the fine mechanical details of each piano right down to the resonances and noises of each key, leading to a truly realistic and natural feeling performances every time.
You even have total control of the performance space itself, with three individual mics plus a custom mix along with many more controls offer tremendous flexibility in getting the perfect sound!
True Keys : Pianos comes with its own sample player, the UVI Workstation 2 (requires v2.5.9 or later) which is completely free to download and use HERE

Three Unique Pianos With A Completely Individual Sound!

True Keys – American
This instrument delivers the majestic sound of the Steinway D© nine foot concert grand. With powerful bass, robust attack and deep sustaining overtones, this versatile instrument can rise above a full orchestra or stand out in a busy mix.
It also has a dark delicate side, mellow and rich, especially when played with the stereo ribbon Side mic. This grand has a classic American sound and is a staple of stages and studios worldwide.
True Keys – Italian
This is the largest piano of this collection and has the brightest sound. Often crowned the World’s best piano, the Fazioli F308© provides the sound for our Italian grand.
At a staggering 10 feet 2 inches in length, the instrument has immense power with long sustains and rich harmonics. The Una Corda pedal is particularly expressive letting you go from whisper soft to a thunderous fortissimo instantly, with even voicing across the entire register.
True Keys – German
This instrument puts you at the keys of the superb Bechstein© semi-concert grand and has the shortest length of the True Keys pianos at about 7 feet 5 inches. These pianos are known for their precision voicing, clear bell-like tones and deep bass.
Smaller in scale than a 9 foot concert grand, it can be less obtrusive in a mix but still cut through when aggressively played. It’s also most suitable of the True keys pianos for soft lyrical playing.

Total Control – A Virtual Studio At Your Fingertips!

Three discreet sampled microphones plus a custom mix!
Grand pianos are large instruments and are notoriously challenging to record well. A specific microphone in one area of the piano might work great in a jazz mix but not fit for a Romantic classical solo. The real piano in the studio can offer many mic and placement options to dial in the perfect sound.
True Keys offers three fully mixable mic setups as well as a ‘best of’ mix of all mics as separate samples. Each mic setup was chosen for its versatility and character to suit any style of playing. The Close mics have a punchy modern sound with a wide stereo image and deep bass. Player delivers the pianist’s perspective with more distance and plenty of hammer attack. Side is a stereo ribbon offering a warmer tone and full even response. The Mix position is a combination of all mics for a quick and less processor intensive option.
COMPLETE SOUND CONTROL – Sampled key and pedal noise plus MIDI response and IR reverbs.
Everything is sample-based down to the adjustable key noise and damper pedal samples. The Repetition strike feature varies the tone when repeating the same key with the pedal down. Go brighter or darker with the Tone control, and select from 22 superb IR convolution reverbs representing all sizes of rooms. MIDI and volume response are fully adjustable to fit your playing style and controller.

Advanced Performance Features – Customize every aspect of your sound!

REAL SYMPATHETIC RESONANCE – Deep rich resonances made possible only with real samples.
Sympathetic resonances of real pianos add complex dimensions to the sustain. The richness and extra harmonics of all the strings sing together.
Unlike other libraries and digital pianos, True Keys uses discreet samples plus complex scripting for both sympathetic and pedal-down resonance. This truly realistic resonance simulation is fully adjustable in volume and polyphony giving a high level of control.
AUTHENTIC PEDAL FEATURES – Full grand piano pedal control and adjustability.
All three grand piano pedals are available in True Keys and can be mapped to any MIDI controller of your choice. The pedal-down resonance is tied to the sustain pedal and responds physically like the real grand.
Repedal allows more blending control as notes continue to sustain during quick pedal actions. Half-pedal works with your continuous sustain pedal using real samples and is customizable to your pedal. Sostenuto is supported and works with sympathetic resonance.
RELEASE TRAILS – Thousands of detailed release samples including true staccato trails.
The strings of a piano don’t immediately stop singing when a played key is released as the damper has to absorb the energy. This characteristic ‘ring’ left over gives the piano extra resonance and body.
Release trail samples are carefully voiced for each key and respond based on both velocity and time. Just as playing a key, what happens when a key is released is also an important component of a real piano.
UNA CORDA SAMPLES – Discreet soft pedal sustain and release samples add to the tonal palette.
The una corda or soft pedal on a grand piano changes the tone in two ways. Hammers hitting three strings shift slightly so they only hit two strings which results in less volume. Plus a softer part of the hammer hits the strings creating a warmer tone.
This unique tone is captured fully with discreet samples and provide another way to alter the volume and voicing. This completes the full pedal setup of the real grand.
MIDI RESPONSE AND TUNING – Intuitive controls for MIDI and volume response deliver a great feel with any controller. Choose and create custom tunings from the Tuning Panel.
The Tuning panel offers the ability to set Base tune for the entire piano as well as creating your own tunings key by key, in Cents or Ratio. Micro-tunings are supported and several tuning presets are included.

So What Exactly Can I Do With “True Keys Pianos”?

The “True Keys Pianos” bundle provides you with a trio of unique pianos. Each has it’s own individual sound that makes them perfect writing music in a diverse range of styles. In particular they are great for:
  • Jazz – think Bill Evans or Herbie Hancock
  • Blues – from chilled out to in your face, rocking out Blues
  • Classical – start playing with the 22 available convolution reverbs and find your perfect piano recital sound
  • TV/Film Scores – the wide selection of mic perspectives means you’ll have plenty of different sounds to choose from for soft and delicate scores to bigger and more booming tracks.
Note: This library requires you to create a free iLok account, however you DO NOT need a physical key!

"True Keys Pianos" by VI Labs

74% off "True Keys Pianos" by VI Labs
  • Real value: €299
  • You save: €220 (74%)
Approximate Conversion Rates: 92 USD || 69 GBP

Normally €299 – get it at 74% before its gone!

  • Absolute no-brainer at 74% off the normal price (normally €299)!
  • Around 50,000 samples of 3 of the most popular grand pianos in the world
  • 100% sample-based, no modeling or synthesis used
  • Very efficient use of RAM and CPU resources
  • 4 discreet Microphone Perspectives available
  • Fully sampled Una Corda pedal
  • Sympathetic and Pedal Resonance
  • Adjustable Sympathetic Resonance polyphony
  • Repedal and True Pedal Action for realistic sustain pedal control
  • Half-pedal mode is sample-based and fully adjustable
  • Customizable MIDI and Dynamics response
  • 22 pristine Convolution Reverbs included
  • Thousands of Release samples, including true Stacatto Releases
  • 19 total velocity layers including Silent Strike samples
  • Custom tuning with presets and micro-tuning supported
  • Lossless flac format allows highest quality with smallest drive space requirements and fast loading times.
  • Computer-based iLok copy protection. Use on up to 3 machines, no dongle required!
  • 8 GB free disk space (7.27 GB actual size needed)
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or greater or Windows 7 or higher in both 32 and 64bits
  • UVI Workstation 2.5.8 or greater (Download Free) or Falcon
  • Minimum CPU requirements: Intel Core 2 Duo System (intel core i preferred for best performance)
  • 7200rpm hard drive (Solid State Drive (SSD) preferred for best performance)
  • 4GB of RAM
  • VST, AAX and AU Plug-ins and standalone supported
  • Perfect for Jazz, Blues, Classical music, Underscore and much, much more!

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