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Thursday, June 21, 2018

MORPH by Audiomodern - REVIEW

Morph is the latest sample pack from Audiomodern that comes in 623MB collection of samples divided into 7 categories: Melodics, Bass, Mutated Beats, Percussion, FX Textures, Synth Pads and One-Shots.

Audiomodern states it was created with a variety of synths, tape deck re-sampling, and outboard processing to achieve that lo-fi vibe. I can't agree with them more- it sounds so authentic and fresh. The thing about Audiomodern is they have a style that can't be duplicated for the most part. I have heard some sample companies try to get that glitchy, mutated, rhythmic sound but it never sounds quite as good as Audiomodern. Their beats and loops are beyond this world when it comes to their sound design approach. You hear things sampled that you would never think could be created into such a powerful catchy groove.

There are more than 160 Loops and 30 One Shots in this collection. The key and tempo have been labeled and if you want to hear every 24bit wav file then watch the video below I created. If you are looking for samples that have that lo-fi, retro but with a current sound - get this! Whether you're doing ambient, chill-out, synthwave, or composing a hot underscore, you will find something here. 

One other thing I need to point out, is that I took some of the wav files and imported them into Iris 2 and the almighty Omnisphere 2. I created some absolute stunning killer patches with limitless possibilities.  So, sample packs can be turned into a sound of your own and something never heard before. Morph by Audiomodern is original, full of unique sounds and loops with a price that's right.  
5 out of 5 stars

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